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Eastern Coyotes could be beneficial

September 25, 2010 I think it was about 1990 when I read a story in Wonderful West Virginia, titled “Coyotes Are Here to Stay.” The Eastern Coyote is somewhat different from its western cousin. more »»

Wild turkey program is a management success

September 4, 2010 The wild turkey in West Virginia has to be the most important game bird. The Eastern wild turkey has responded well to sound wildlife practices. more »»

Gun safety and responsibility starts in the home

August 28, 2010 This week’s column is about the responsibilities every person has when they have firearms in their home. more »»

Rabbits are cute, destructive and good to hunt

August 21, 2010 I said in last weeks’ column that I have seen more young rabbits along the secondary roads this summer than I have seen in several years. This can be good or bad news. more »»

The mast survey is important

August 14, 2010 On July 31 I received my mast survey condition papers from the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources. I will most likely be a cooperator for Randolph County this year. more »»

Antlerless season has not been a disaster

July 30, 2010 There is probably no single hunting season more controversial among all the deer hunters than the antlerless deer gun season. more »»

Changes in hunting for 2010

July 17, 2010 For all practical purposes this year’s hunting season will be like last year’s, but there has been some changes that all sportsmen and women need to be aware of. more »»

Time to go after those big, ugly catfish

June 19, 2010 I have taken a break from this outdoor column for about two months, but now I need to get back in the weekly routine. more »»

Chestnut could be on the return

April 3, 2010 When I started doing this column about three years ago, I had an early story on Feb. 17, 2007, about the “Loss of the Chestnuts. more »»

DNR wants an earlier start to squirrel season

March 6, 2010 This past week, the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (DNR) released its annual questionnaire for the big game hunting seasons this year. more »»

Make sure your fishing gear is ready

March 5, 2010 It’s hard to believe spring is only two weeks away, it doesn’t seem like this winter will ever end but eventually it will and when it does the fishing should be excellent. more »»

A great day of skiing at White Grass

February 27, 2010 I knew it would be a fantastic day as I turned onto Freeland Road in Canaan Valley last week for a day of skiing. more »»

Cooperation key in fighting CWD

February 27, 2010 Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is a transmissible disease found in mule deer, whitetailed deer, elk and moose. To date, this condition has been found mainly in cervids (members of the deer family). more »»

Take advantage of some great winter activities

February 13, 2010 Will this snow ever let up? We have had snowstorm after snowstorm and the white stuff is really piling up in the mountains. more »»

State has an outstanding trout program

February 13, 2010 Right now, Randolph County is definitely in the dead of winter, but the personnel at the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources are not sitting on their laurels. more »»

Hoarding animals is cruel and dangerous

February 6, 2010 This week’s column may not seem like much of a story for the outdoors page, but everyone needs to be aware of this problem. more »»

Use caution when fishing in the winter

February 6, 2010 Why would anyone want to fish in the middle of winter, with snow and ice covering the riverbanks and water temperatures barely above freezing, why would anyone in their right mind wade out into that... more »»

Searching for some grouse

January 23, 2010 With some of the snow starting to melt in the area, I was finally able to get the dogs out for some much-needed work this week. more »»

West Virginia saw several declines in ’09

January 22, 2010 The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources released the preliminary figures from the black bear, deer, and wild turkey seasons a few days ago. The total deer harvest of 154,524 was about 5. more »»

The .41 Magnum is a good compromise

January 16, 2010 The .41 Magnum was introduced in 1964 by the Remington Arms Company as a center fire revolver cartridge that could be used for hunting and law enforcement. more »»



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