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Snow is causing a little bit of cabin fever

January 15, 2010 Snow, snow, and more snow, that’s about all it seems to have been doing for three straight weeks. more »»

Reflecting on the positives from this past season

January 9, 2010 Well another deer season closed with the end of the year and although it was not the best season I have ever had, I still managed to put some meat in the freezer. more »»

Participation in hunting and fishing increased in 2009

January 9, 2010 This new year looks like it is going to be very challenging for gun owners and to all who believe that the second amendment to the constitution is an individual right to own a gun. more »»

Still opportunities for harvesting a doe after Christmas

December 19, 2009 Well today marks the end of muzzleloader season, the last day this season to take a buck with a firearm, there are still opportunities for harvesting a doe after Christmas and you can still hunt... more »»

The 2009 buck season was not a disaster

December 19, 2009 This Past Monday, Dec. 14, the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources released the preliminary figures from the two-week buck gun season. This year’s buck harvest was 62,491 statewide. more »»

Be careful when giving guns as gifts

December 11, 2009 I, like my dad and his father before him, have been around guns all my life. more »»

The curse of the one-horn buck

December 5, 2009 Dawn approached as we made our way to the head of a hollow to split up and take our stands on the opening morning of buck season. more »»

Ethical hunters will respect fellow hunters

December 5, 2009 The greatest threat to sport hunting in this country is not the anti-hunting movement currently going on. more »»

Preparation is important part of hunting trip

November 28, 2009 This column was supposed to be in last week’s edition of The Inter-Mountain, but we had to have time out because my wife was in the hospital. more »»

Helpful tips for tagging a trophy buck

November 21, 2009 Monday is opening day of buck season; it seems to be almost a holiday here in West Virginia as thousands of hunters hit the woods first thing Monday morning with hopes of tagging a trophy buck. more »»

MM-08 is one fine hunting and target cartridge

November 14, 2009 The wildcatters have experimented with just about every cartridge used by the United States Armed Forces. The 7.62x51mm NATO (.308 Winchester) is no exception. The 7mm-08 is just a . more »»

Time to scout hunting areas as rutting gets under way

November 14, 2009 It is that time of the year if you are a deer hunter: The rut is getting under way with bucks making scrapes, rubbing trees and cruising through the woods looking for the first does to come into... more »»

It’s time to get those deer rifles ready

November 7, 2009 The deer buck gun season opens on Nov. 24. According to the forecast, we are going to have some good weather in the next few days. more »»

Things falling into place for young pointer

October 31, 2009 After taking Brandy on a couple unsuccessful grouse hunts, I looked forward to woodcock season opening and getting my young pointer onto some more forgiving birds or at least some that would hold... more »»

Nothing like chasing wild trout in the fall

October 17, 2009 With hunting season still a few days away, I felt the need to get outside and enjoy the fall weathe. more »»

Hunting season set to shift into high gear

October 17, 2009 Bear and deer bow seasons open today in the Mountain State. I know several bow hunters who are looking forward to this day, similar to the way I look for the opening day of squirrel season. more »»

Hunters need to scout more thoroughly this season

October 10, 2009 When I opened my e-mail the other day and found the DNR’s 2009 Mast Survey & Hunting Outlook I was eager to look and compare my observations with the findings on the surve. more »»

National Hunting and Fishing Days has something for everyone

October 3, 2009 The National Hunting and Fishing Day celebration took place at Stonewall Jackson Resort State Park in Lewis County this past weekend. more »»

Use squirrel season as a teaching tool for youths

October 3, 2009 The youth squirrel season begins today, and the annual squirrel season starts October 10. I said in a past column that I thought the opening day of squirrel season was bigger than Christmas. more »»

The .38 Super packs a punch

September 26, 2009 The .38 Super Automatic, introduced in 1929, was an improved version of the 38 Automatic or .38 ACP. The dimensions of this cartridge are identical to the older .38 ACP but loaded to higher pressures. more »»



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