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New changes ski into the region

January 22, 2011 The new year has brought changes to local ski resorts and surrounding areas. more »»

Will 2011 be the year of the New Year’s resolution rethink?

December 31, 2010 A clean slate, a chance to start over and a new beginning. more »»

The holiday spirit lights up town square

December 18, 2010 Elkins residents and visitors need not worry about the Santa-hat-sporting, fire-breathing sea monster that’s been spotted in town square. more »»

From the sky to the ocean

December 11, 2010 World-class kayaker and climber Jesse Shimrock completed another adventure: climbing Mount McKinley, the highest peak in North America, and paddling the flow of whitewater through three rivers int... more »»

Holiday Gift Preview

November 27, 2010 After surviving the first hurdle, holiday racers know they need to pace themselves if they are going to make it through the season with their sanity. more »»

Jewelry with as much personality as you

November 27, 2010 If good gifts come in small packages, there are options to fit that description and light up the holidays and beyond with new twists on old favorites. more »»

Charge up your wish list

November 27, 2010 Electronics and video games are always popular holiday gift ideas and there is a plethora of new items and ways to play on store shelves. more »»

Time travel made possible

November 13, 2010 Popular culture and literature have led us to think meeting people from a the past is only possible with a contraption, machine or 1980s sports cart modified by an eccentric genius. more »»

How the Hostetler family grew by five

November 6, 2010 For 17, years they lived their life as they had wanted. They went where they wanted when they wanted. They did what they wanted when they wanted without having to consider anyone or anything else. more »»

Climbing to the top

October 2, 2010 By TILLMAN ELLIS Staff Writer From boulders at Bear Haven to mountains all over the world, Angela Hawse climbs, guides and breathes the outdoors. more »»

United for county causes

August 28, 2010 For almost 50 years, Randolph County has experienced many changes, but the need to support local service agencies has only increased. more »»

The mystery in the attic

July 24, 2010 As I was awakened during the night, I heard footsteps. I arose with a startle, but soon realized the steps were coming from my attic. “Is it a person?” I muse. more »»

Pull out the sweaters, it’s Christmastime

July 10, 2010 It’s been 90-plus degrees every day this week and the last thing anyone is thinking about right now is Christmas. more »»

Make abuse stop

July 10, 2010 If life were a bowl of cherries, a bed of roses or one non-stop picnic, we’d all be spoiled little brats, wouldn’t we? However, though life is sometimes difficult and we need to learn to “roll with... more »»

Making the ‘bridge’ into college

July 3, 2010 Davis & Elkins College has been full of student activity this summer — but there is a catc. more »»

The Daily Grind

July 3, 2010 As we walk through our lives, we meet people who seem to shine from within. They have wisdom, grace and a discernment that is rare. They may or may not be well known, popular or do “big things. more »»

Foto Flash

July 3, 2010 Wow, time flies when you are having fun! Or at least time flies when you are writing articles. Yes, it has been one whole year since I first began writing the Foto Flash column. more »»

Cub Scout Day Camp provides fun and builds foundations

June 26, 2010 Surrounded by their Cub Scout mates standing statue-stiff presenting the Boy Scout Salute, six youths in green T-shirts marched smartly toward the three flag pole. more »»

The Daily Grind

June 26, 2010 Most folks desire significance, meaning and appreciation, but it’s when our priorities get out of line that we must admit we have a problem. more »»

These bandz are silly, crazy and zany

June 12, 2010 In a world of high-cost technology, kids and adults are finding fun with packs of multiple rubber bands shaped like animals, letters and inanimate objects that look like squiggly lines when wrapped... more »»



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