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Camping season almost here

March 2, 2016 When Old Man Winter finally rolls over and dies, I’ll be dancing on his grave. It took him a while, but when he finally came around, he overstayed his welcome, as usual. more »»

How about VP Kasich?

March 1, 2016 Ohio Gov. John Kasich finds himself in a position something like one of the two fellows being chased by a bear. You remember the story. more »»

Extra day provides opportunity

February 29, 2016 Happy Leap Day! We gain an additional day today since it takes the earth roughly 365 days and 6 hours to circle once around the sun. more »»

Trump nomination inevitable

February 27, 2016 One thing was made crystal clear during Thursday night’s Republican debate: Donald Trump is in the driver’s sea. more »»

Randolph County expected to grow

February 27, 2016 A study by the West Virginia University Bureau of Business and Economic Research titled Population Trends in West Virginia (2014) found that West Virginia has lost population over the last 50 years... more »»

People weary of deceptive politics

February 27, 2016 Donald Trump’s victory in South Carolina shook up the establishment wing of the Republican party in a way not seen since 1976. more »»

Filling in the family history

February 27, 2016 Last month, I began a new “series” with my column that I am calling “Letters to Aunt Alice.” There will be an exchange of letters between Alice and her niece, Eva. more »»

Mid-life is just the beginning

February 27, 2016 When you’ve hit the age bracket where you look in the mirror and say, “mirror, mirror on the wall, I am my mother afterall,” you know you’ve hit the mid — yikes — crisis era! Don’t run away... more »»

Is your midnight oil running low?

February 27, 2016 Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Savior, and soon coming King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Almighty Living Jehovah God The Father, and their Mighty Holy... more »»

Center criticizes tax cuts

February 26, 2016 Bad legislators, the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy chided a few days ago. more »»

Voter registration needs help

February 23, 2016 Lincoln County has 17,902 registered voters, according to the West Virginia secretary of state’s website. more »»

Instant contact can be damaging

February 22, 2016 There are still those of us who recall when the only way to communicate with those at a distance was by crank telephone, telegraph or posting a letter in the mail. more »»

It’s time to get healthy

February 20, 2016 As the old adage goes, getting old isn’t for the faint of heart. more »»

Substance abuse a plague

February 20, 2016 Substance abuse is one of the greatest struggles our state has ever faced, and it is destroying the lives of far too many of our family members, friends and neighbors. more »»

W.Va. needs plan to move forward

February 20, 2016 There is no doubt that West Virginia is facing an economic and a fiscal crisis. We are reminded constantly of our troubled times. Miners being laid off because of President Obama’s War on Coal. more »»

Trump, Cruz redefine GOP

February 20, 2016 The year 1976 marked, or it seemed at the time, a turning point in Republican politics, when Ronald Reagan barely missed beating Gerald Ford for the nomination. more »»

Barbour County kids finally back to school after snow days

February 20, 2016 Hello from Barbour County! Kids are finally back to school after many snow days. more »»

Keeping your love on

February 20, 2016 Y’all, if there is one thing that really sums up what God requires of us as His children, it’s for us to love one another. This is an area that seems to be a struggle for many of us. more »»

Loosening grip difficult

February 18, 2016 When I was a kid, the term “helicopter parent” didn’t exist. My parents were closer to submarines; if you did something to show up on their radar, you’d never see it coming. more »»

Bill marks change in direction

February 16, 2016 We West Virginians have many corners to turn before we become a state young people don’t leave to find opportunities for better lives. more »»



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