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Getting financially fit for retirement at 50

November 10, 2014 When you turn 50, retirement starts to seem less abstract. In terms of retirement planning, a 50th birthday can act as a wake-up call. more »»

Philippi lacks leadership

November 10, 2014 Anyone who has witnessed multiple cities’ governments will tell you immediately that Philippi is dysfunctional. Why is this? Shouldn’t a small city be easy to manage? Apparently not. more »»

Redefining normal is a long process

November 8, 2014 “Life happens while we are making plans” seems to ring true more than any of us would like to admit. Many folks find themselves sidelined or at least slowed down by chronic illness. more »»

Parties depend on old reliables

November 8, 2014 During the midterms both the Democrats and Republicans discovered lost friends. more »»

Volunteers work to monitor wetland water

November 8, 2014 Once again Trout Unlimited volunteers Pam Byrne and Jane Birdsong tested the water conditions in Goddin Creek at Kump Center Nov. 3. more »»

Organizing attack ads

November 4, 2014 And the winner is ... West Virginia House of Delegates member David Evans of Marshall County. Evans beats Hancock County House of Delegates candidate Pat McGeehan by a nose. more »»

Financial reminders for the fall

November 3, 2014 As every calendar year ends, the window slowly closes on a set of financial opportunities. Here are several you might want to explore before 2015 arrives. Don’t forget that IRA RM. more »»

Funding formula must be evaluated

November 3, 2014 Last week in the Saturday Gazette-Mail newspaper, Rick Steelhammer published an article under the title “Renaissance in Randolph” telling the story of the struggle to save Harman School. more »»

Preparing for WINTER

November 1, 2014 Perhaps there is no time in the year that reminds us more of our primitive origins than the Thanksgiving season, and I can’t think of any place but down our country roads that supplies a better... more »»

Rural renaissance underway in Randolph

November 1, 2014 Last week in the Saturday Gazette-Mail newspaper, Rick Steelhammer published an article under the title “Renaissance in Randolph” telling the story of the struggle to save Harman School. more »»

Confusion within the Dem ranks

November 1, 2014 Democrats in their zeal to survive the midterms are creating confusion among their own ranks.Suddenly Democratic candidates are retreating from Barack Obam. more »»

Analyzing 47th District race

November 1, 2014 Fighting for the 47th district’s vacant House of Delegates seat are Democratic candidate Tammy Stemple and Republican rival Danny Wagner. more »»

Be diligent in your prayers for wisdom

November 1, 2014 Every once in awhile, you and I are left “scratching our heads” and wondering how on earth did we or someone we know get taken in by a cultish individual or group of individuals. more »»

Get ready to ‘fall back’ this weekend

November 1, 2014 Happy birthday to Round And About Barbour County! This month marks two years that I have been writing the county news, and I appreciate all of the followers who read this column and take the time t... more »»

AIDS a bigger killer than Ebola

October 31, 2014 Worried about Ebola? Well, you should be, for several reasons. But if you want to talk about a real mass killer, HIV/AIDS ought to be on your mind. more »»

Ending a world health crisis

October 29, 2014 In the 1950’s, annual epidemics of polio were devastating. An outbreak in 1952 was the worst in our country’s history. more »»

Gainer starts slinging mud

October 28, 2014 Here’s a rule of thumb in politics: Never anger anyone who you don’t need to alienate for a good reason. more »»

Should you buy the dips?

October 27, 2014 When stocks retreat, should you pick up some shares? If you like to buy and hold, it may turn out to be a great move. more »»

Credibility gap is dividing the GOP

October 25, 2014 Republicans have waged a campaign which links every Democratic candidate with President Barack Obama. more »»

Brokenness is the road to usefulness

October 25, 2014 A shattered and broken person releases the fragrance of God. more »»



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