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Nation’s debt shows we’re out of control

October 12, 2013 “Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that ‘the buck stops her. more »»

Congress is more polarized than ever

October 12, 2013 Not since the last Congress before the Civil War has Washington appeared so dangerously polarized. From the Affordable Care Act to the debt ceiling, everything is at issu. more »»

Festival highlights state’s natural beauty

October 5, 2013 As a West Virginian, I’ve always appreciated our state’s beauty, especially the mountains and the picturesque scenery they provid. more »»

Joe Manchin makes U-turn, supports Reid

October 5, 2013 “He who stands for nothing will fall for anything.” — Alexander Hamilton West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin, whose term ends in 2018 (barring recall), waded into hot water a week ago. more »»

Antics of Ted Cruz have hurt GOP also

October 5, 2013 Ted Cruz’s attempt to defuse or delay the Affordable Care Act is gradually causing unintended consequences. Meant to embarrass Democrats, Cruz’s actions are threatening to divide Republican. more »»

Have state Democrats had enough?

September 28, 2013 In the Democratic primary of 2006, Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman lost to the more liberal Ned Lamont. more »»

Extension agents to contribute weekly columns

September 28, 2013 The West Virginia University Extension Service meets the changing lifelong learning needs of people, organizations, and communities by putting knowledge to work. more »»

GOP still offering Obama a hand

September 28, 2013 You have to hand it to them, but the Republicans cannot seem to do enough for President Barack Obam. more »»

Ginseng a one-stem wonder; much sought after

September 28, 2013 It’s ginseng season in West Virginia! What does that mean? It means lots of fun, dirt, walks through the woods, a treasure hunt and even some money if you’re lucky. more »»

‘If you can smell it, you can’t sell it’ a good rule of thumb

September 28, 2013 I have been serving as America’s appraiser for many years now. Many people attend my appraisal events with family heirlooms or flea market finds. more »»

Tennant taking on Capito

September 24, 2013 Natalie Tennant’s decision to run for the U.S. more »»

GOP backs public on health care

September 21, 2013 President Barack Obama was asked this week about polls showing that most Americans believe Obamacare (“The Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act”) will hurt them. more »»

Putin touched a tender nerve

September 21, 2013 Russian President Vladimir Putin raised a storm with his criticism of “American Exceptionalism. more »»

Dropout rate relates to crime rate

September 21, 2013 “A 5 percent increase in the high school graduation rate among males in West Virginia could save $100 million each year in crime-related costs as well as boost the state’s economy according to a... more »»

Closures hot topic in county

September 21, 2013 Happy fall from Barbour County! I just love this time of year! I love the cool, crisp weather and the crunch of the falling leave. more »»

Showdown on the way in Congress

September 20, 2013 Keeping the United States out of direct involvement in the Syrian civil war may be the easier of the two big jobs facing Congress this month. more »»

The coming field day for fraud

September 17, 2013 “Is this Mrs. John Doe? I’m Benjamin Franklin from the Service Center for Advice on Major Medical Issues of the National Government. more »»

Can efficiency and education coexist?

September 14, 2013 Much controversy has developed over Senate Bill 359 passed by the West Virginia Legislature to reform education in March 2013. more »»

Obama can’t figure out his Syrian policy

September 14, 2013 The confrontation over Syria’s alleged use of chemical weapons on its own civilians last month is mired in confusion and controversy, and if you want to know the latest, you might want to check with... more »»

Case for bombings not strong enough

September 14, 2013 President Barack Obama certainly cannot be accused of understatement in his campaign to get congressional approval for actions against Syria. more »»



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