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Young people must learn to volunteer

June 12, 2015 Let’s hope the Fork Ridge Volunteer Fire Department gets whatever permission it needs to resume providing emergency ambulance service. more »»

Bill Cole’s ace in the hole

June 9, 2015 State Senate President Bill Cole’s biggest challenge in his bid to become governor of West Virginia is that many voters have never heard of him. more »»

Map for better cyber access

June 8, 2015 Kelly Surveying, a small business with offices throughout West Virginia, has been providing engineering, surveying and inspection services throughout West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania for 20 years. more »»

Mine safety is top factor

June 6, 2015 My first thoughts regarding SB 357, Creating Coal Jobs and Safety Act of 2015, was the bill ultimately did the opposite when it comes to protecting coal miners. more »»

Obama’s community college plan

June 6, 2015 Earlier this year, President Obama introduced a plan “to make community college as free and universal as high school. more »»

Traditions fading fast

June 6, 2015 The Irish vote for same-sex marriage illustrates how time and preferences work. In 1994, divorce barely passed in a referendum and the forces of traditionalism were powerfu. more »»

Holy Spirit is alive and well among us

June 6, 2015 I have written before, in this column, about the moments in our lives when something awakens in our souls. more »»

Mountain quilters brighten our homes

June 6, 2015 As we move past spring blossoms and find stronger sunrays filling our backyards, many will recall early summer episodes when grandmothers would take a notion to air out the many quilts and coverlets... more »»

‘Bloodless war’ merely a fantasy

June 5, 2015 Can it be that a substantial percentage of people think warfare can be conducted successfully with little shedding of American blood? Have our gadgets and some of our politicians deluded us into... more »»

War on affordable energy

June 2, 2015 Let’s stop referring to the war on coal by President Barack Obama. Instead, let’s be more practical and call it the Reid, Markey, Warren, Stabenow et al war on affordable electricity. more »»

The Bush family legacy

May 30, 2015 Jeb Bush seems destined to join the George Romney Association of Gaffes and Long Explanations. He heartily supported his brother George W. Bush’s decision to invade Iraq in 2003. more »»

Blue & Gray Reunion underway today

May 30, 2015 Hello from Barbour County, home of the Blue & Gray! This weekend marks the annual Blue & Gray Reunion in downtown Philippi. more »»

We truly are a product of our past

May 30, 2015 As we travel through life, we are, whether we like it or not, a product of our past. However, we can decide to let the abuse, the hurt and pain go. And, not only let it go, but let it stop with us. more »»

Jesus Christ is deeper than any pit

May 30, 2015 We within the Christian faith, especially, may remember a well-known former World War II concentration camp-held Christian by the name of Corrie Ten Boom. more »»

U.S. energy policy is officially nuts

May 29, 2015 How crazy is U.S. energy policy? Try this: More than one-fourth of the oil we use in this country comes from other na. more »»

Legislating from the bench

May 27, 2015 For many years, West Virginia Supreme Court justices were accused of legislating from the benc. more »»

Is it time for life insurance?

May 26, 2015 Many younger Americans lack life insurance. A 2014 report from insurance industry analyst LIMRA found that only a third of Gen Y Americans have any life insurance coverage. more »»

Profiting from wild W.Va.

May 23, 2015 Imagine a bobcat suddenly springing through the air, headed straight for your face. A Wetzel County hunter had the experience a few days ago, and he can prove it. more »»

Sustainable farming is key

May 23, 2015 This week, a local book group met at the Kump Center to discuss the book, Gaining Ground by Forrest Pritchard. more »»

Merkel visit signals big shift

May 23, 2015 With Angela Merkel’s visit to Moscow a day after ceremonies commemorating the 70th year of the end of World War II, it potentially signals the gradual loosening of sanction. more »»



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