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Residents talk God, guns

Randolph County Commission asked to open meetings with prayer

January 18, 2013

County officials faced two questions about controversial issues at Thursday’s Randolph County Commission meeting — why are commission meetings not opened with prayer and would the sheriff’s......

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Jan-19-13 1:00 AM

The United States Congress has a chaplain, who opens with prayer. This office is even in the Constitution, the highest law of the land. Prayer before sessions predates the existence of the United States.

The Supreme Court has decided on this, and that should be good enough.

The Supreme Court ruled on this issue in Marsh v. Chambers[1] in 1983, finding that the opening prayer is not an "establishment of religion" prohibited by the 1st amendment, but merely "a tolerable acknowledgment of beliefs widely held among the people of this country."

America is still a Christian nation, whether the atheists or King Hussein like it or not.

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Jan-19-13 12:41 AM

Mouthbreathers, all of 'em!

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Jan-19-13 12:41 AM

Mouthbreathers, all of 'em!

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Jan-18-13 11:09 PM

These two are grandstanding and trying to score points over the terrible massacre in CT. The actions of these men are just plain despicable. A moment of silence is a prayer and has been working just fine. What next, speaking in tongues and snake handling at the county comission meetings?

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Jan-18-13 9:18 PM

House and Hudok are both grandstanders who just come too the meetings to be disruptive. As far a a mass shooting in Pickens goes. If someone wiped out the whole town, it could hardly be considered a "mass shooting" plus you wouldn't stand a chance of getting out of town alive.

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Jan-18-13 8:02 PM

I have no problem if people want to pray to their god of choice in their house of worship or in their home or in anywhere in private. However, I do have a problem with some fanatics views that everywhere must be about church and god. This country was founded with the freedom of AND freedom from religion, and that includes all religions. I'm glad that I know know that the City and BOE say a prayer. Being a resident and employee I plan on letting them know I disagree with those choices of condoning a religion as a government entity receiving federal funds.

Also, as far as the gun thing is concerned. People like those in the article are the reason I support gun control. It's not normal people you have to worry about it's the fanatics.

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Jan-18-13 4:47 PM

Silent prayer is a prayer and just because it isn't spoken our loud doesn't mean the lord doesn't hear it. Silent meditation is for those who may not believe as we do. Leave a moment in at the meeting for silence and let those pray as they believe......

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Jan-18-13 2:42 PM

Pray ... without ceasing ...

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Jan-18-13 2:30 PM

"Allahu akbar"

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Jan-18-13 1:49 PM

I'm glad to see Mr. Hudok is also not afraid to speak up. This country was founded by men who believed in God, and in freedom from tyranny, based on thousands of years of recorded history. All should be free to worship as they choose, including those who would pray in public! Children should be protected, period. I was taught to respect and use firearms from the age of 7. 50+ years later, none of my guns have ever harmed anyone, and neither have I. Children should be taught to protect themselves and those around them. They should NOT be taught that violence is acceptable, or has no consequences (like the video games, tv, and movies now!). Let's back our law enforcement personnel with whatever they need, including training armed school personnel if that is their best advice on the subject of school violence. Let's insist on the return of capital punishment for violent criminals. Let's stop allowing children to think violence is "ok" because it's "just a game"

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Jan-18-13 12:30 PM

Just wondering - Does anybody know if those on the Commission take an oath of office? If they do, are they not placing one hand on the Bible and raising the other? What then is the problem with a prayer? Is it not the same God? Why would there be a law against one and not the other? Interesting.

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Jan-18-13 12:27 PM

Mike House and Phil Hudok both presented very good points. I'm glad to see that Mike House is staying involved - he is very educated, intelligent, and not afraid to speak up.

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