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Bill would protect the health of children

March 27, 2013

West Virginians would not tolerate it if a government official stood beside their family doctors and overruled physicians’ recommendations for care of our children....

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Feb-10-14 8:07 AM

What....that's exactly how the left respond to 'anything' that's true but they must continue 'denying' to keep the public from voting you dangerous leftists out of office. Too late!

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May-03-13 9:09 AM

Liberals: Gullible and scam-ready to the end.

Libs never figure out why they are constantly the ones that get scammed, and used. Duh; it's because you don't THINK that you are always the easy targets for liars/scammers/deceivers. Heck; you libs will believe ANYTHING. LOL.

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May-03-13 9:08 AM

What.........a PRIME example of liberalism. Brain non-functioning. Perfect liberal slave. That's why democrats LOVE his type.

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Apr-16-13 2:46 PM

Hey just repeated "word-for-word" exactly what all liberals respond with when they KNOW what the other person said was accurate and true. You gave yourself away completely!!!

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Mar-28-13 9:43 PM

wasnt there a case in randolph co.? we were given a choice when our kids were vaccinated. now its law, unless certain criteria are met. at no time can the health dept overrule your doctor in cases of the childs health in regards to a vaccine..i still dont see what the big deal is, i didnt want my kids to get any of those diseases , but there wasnt any other health issues with my kids, so we did it.

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Mar-28-13 1:14 PM

When the makers of the vaccines come out and state that the previous years vaccines werent working on that current years flu and that this year they believe they got it right; you would have to be the stupidest person in the world to think flu vaccines are for flu! Go ahead lefty leaning dems....go have your vaccines. We'll pass!!

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Mar-28-13 1:13 PM

On YouTube you can find for yourself BILL GATES and his agenda to stop population growth THROUGH vaccinations. It's HIM on video and HE is the one making this his lifetime goal. And if the little left-leaning radicals in democrat party want to deceive us and lie about it; fine; but be warned....we already know the TRUTH of this administrations weird and dangerous agenda.

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Mar-28-13 1:09 PM


If last years vaccines for the flu were incorrect..........then what the heck did they shoot people with???? I will NEVER have a flu vaccine period!!!!

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Mar-28-13 1:07 PM

This bill should be SUPPORTED and PASSED. I will watch who votes against this bill and will NOT support that person come election day!

The "reason" it's being stomped on is because our stupid politicians GAVE these health depts "power" and "authority" that they have NO right having. THEY are not doctors; it's not a hospital. THEY should have NO say over a doctor, period!

I've had one sister who had her first flu vaccine and it nearly KILLED her. And they thought the following year she should try again to have one. Are these people TRYING to kill us? I have to wonder. She wouldn't have another flu vaccine if they threatened her with prison time. I don't blame her. I nor my spouse has ever had a flu vaccine. And we go YEARS without getting the flu. Never had the flu this year either. Then you have the pharmaceutical companies own CEO's coming out this year stating....."oh, this year I think we got the correct flu vaccine; unlike last year." Oh r

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Mar-27-13 9:19 PM

Believe me, this website I created will show you the whole picture. It will be your choice if or not you want to see the reality of modern medicine and vaccinations, for what it actually represents. Your choice.

Failure Of The Continued Polio Vaccine Campaign ***********

Aluminum Adjuvants - Lack of Safety Data - Lack of Aluminum Adjuvant Safety Studies ***********

The Vaccine Damage Science ***********

Dr Andrew Wakefield - MMR Vaccine - Truth and Reality ***********

Biomedical Treatment in Autism (ASD) ***********

The False Foundations of Modern Medicine ***********

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Mar-27-13 9:12 PM

The first thing a person needs to do is determine if vaccines have actually done more harm than good in review of the previous history of vaccines; the real historical record that has been hidden; shows precisely that vaccines have done more harm than good and that they only created such as more small pox and polio than they prevented. In fact vaccine have nothing to do with eradication of any illness or so called disease. Currently the huge number of repeat vaccines are doing more harm to children's health than they have ever done in history. The number of recommended vaccines for adults is on the increase, and the same thing is happening there.

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