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America unites after bombing

April 27, 2013

The bombing at the Boston Marathon succeeded in quieting the political debate. As Americans tend to do during these events they unite not as Republicans or Democrats but as concerned citizens....

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Apr-28-13 1:36 AM

ONLY liberal democrats would NOT see the "connection" between Russia and these murderers. RUSSIA is NOT our friend; never has been and never will be. Mature liberals. No wonder you all get fooled and scammed more than anyone group. You are too childish in thinking and immature in intelligence to SEE things for what they truly are. Take off the rose-colored glasses. Our same ENEMIES STILL hate us. Al qaeda did NOT start liking us just because Obama became president and decided to talk with them and bow to them. YOU CANNOT "BUY" friends! But liberals think so.

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Apr-29-13 6:05 PM

I guess that you aren't a constitutional purist. I have seen how you defend a warped version of the Second Amendment. You don't seem so adamant about the First Amendment. Maybe we should get rid of some Christians to protect us from the Eric Rudolph types?

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May-01-13 9:20 PM

I hate to tell you this but the Constitution applies to anyone that is in this country. Period. Not that you were talking about illegals. You were talking about a religious test to be here and that is unconstitutional under the first amendment.

Please quit telling me what I believe or think. You never get it right and doing it won't win you any points for intelligence.

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May-02-13 12:18 PM

You have been listening to too much Bryan Fischer and have become even more confused. The Constitution applies to anyone that is in the U.S. period. The rest of that blather is beside the point. I certainly never said anything about illegal immigrants being constitutionally guaranteed welfare or anything of the kind. After all, they aren't eligible for welfare.

What this tangent has to do with the bombing in Boston I wouldn't know anyway. The suspected bombers weren't here illegally.

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May-02-13 5:21 PM

Am so glad it's easy to spot liberals. That allows us to NOT vote for them. Notice how liberals warm up to our enemies so readily? And intimidate and shy away from our allies? It's their 'nature' of crookery and deceit. Comes natural for them. NOT to be trusted!

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May-02-13 5:49 PM

You are a loon. Was that even supposed to make sense?

If understanding what the Constitution says makes me a raving Liberal so be it. Our biggest enemies are the people that believe willful ignorance is a form of common sense and vote on that delusion. That the Republican Party caters to them is akin to treason. Treason that probably won't succeed. After all, Sarah Palin is about unemployable anymore.

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May-03-13 9:19 AM

That's what's wrong with liberals; they DON'T THINK OR WORRY about what bills and laws they pass BEFORE they pass them. It's always AFTER the fact that we SEE and FEEL the bad effects of their NOT THINKING the "consequences" of what they are doing. So not surprised that WHAT's name is WhatMeWorry. TYPICAL!! Liberals think you never have to face "consequences." Then cry and whine when the bad effects come upon them.....because of their own stupid doings. JUSTICE sort of; they can't seem to deal with past references and actions and the facts about what happens when you do something; it's called EXPERIENCES. And by looking at the past results of someone else attempting the same things.....a SMART person AVOIDS doing the same thing that's PROVEN to have detrimental results. But NO; DEMS ignore facts and think doing the same thing will have a DIFFERENT result. Stupid following stupid....sheep to the slaughter.

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May-03-13 4:50 PM

You type and type and never say a thing that makes any sense.

You don't understand what my screen name references.

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