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Officials walk out of heated meeting

May 4, 2013

An emotional Belington Town Council meeting Thursday lasted nearly three hours, as tempers flared between the mayor and a councilman, and a local minister demanded the mayor step down....

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May-04-13 11:37 AM

I don't believe the issue here is "intelligence," but more like deception, grandiosity and intimidation. This was an inherited, ongoing situation at Belington City Council, long before Mayor Haller's term started, and 'tho true colors emerged for this news item to be printed, the damage had been done, many times over. If you're looking for conflict, confusion, disturbance and an embarrassment to the City of Belington, perhaps the history can be traced to the "trusted" councilman. Regrets anybody? I regret seeing Belington torn to pieces through the scheming, power thirsty, bullying of a councilman who indicated his loyalty and allegiance to the mayor and then proceeded to make a list of all of his "supposed" flaws. I, too, am a victim of this councilman's vicious lies and slander, but knew, in time, the truth would be known. I was also taken in by the seemingly sincere intentions, but found the volatile nature to surface. I see it again. Am I the only on

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May-04-13 11:58 AM

"No, I didn't," Haller said. "I guess I'm wrong again. Every time I try to do something it seems it's not right." ... by your own admission, isn't this why they are asking you to step down??

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May-04-13 6:29 PM

Haller; typical arrogant fool. Impeach the incompetent idiot.

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May-04-13 6:48 PM

I know none of the people involved in this, but I have been following this somewhat. Why would a Church pastor get himself so worked up over a trivial situation. I thought pastors where to set an example of understanding. I'm glad he's not my pastor because I don't feel he is teaching the ways of the Bible. I also feel that when you run for mayor, council or whatever, you should have a lot of patience. That is the biggest challenge to the job... Working together. If you can't give and take, don't run for the position. Sounds like everyone needs to lose the hot head and start over with understanding, the pastor should stop chasing after personal petty goals... This could be a lot bigger situation than the mayor moving someplace else temporarily, sounds like the pastor could start another Hatfield and McCoy situation just because someone moved. Grow up and practice what you preach.

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May-04-13 10:51 PM

Jody needs to step down. He uses his position for his own good.He picks and chooses who he will enforce the city rules against. Belington is getting to be a sh## hole fast.

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May-04-13 10:57 PM

Hey notfromhere: No offense, but you really need to know the rest of the story. The mayor's moving out of town, is not trivial, it is against the City Charter.

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May-04-13 11:08 PM

Hey Sisterbelle....Notice that I do not hide behind a fictional name. I do not lie and I do not slander. I opposed Jody Haller before he ran for his first term because I knew that he would dismantle the Belington Police Dept, beginning with the chief at that time. I never did pledge loyalty and allegiance to this mayor or any other. If I have wronged you, give me a call so that I can seek your forgiveness. I am sure you can find my number.

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May-04-13 11:22 PM

Max, may I ask... Have you ever had a mayor who did not live in the city ? I had heard that in the past there was one. If this is not the whole story, then could someone work on getting the rest of the story published ?

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May-04-13 11:28 PM

Hey Puremagix, Some of your points are well taken. Especially the Crown Jewel reference. The great thing about our Democratic Republic is that our representatives in all governments come from a variety of backgrounds and that is what has made this nation so great. However, when good people see wrong taking place and sit by and do nothing, Anarchy is not far behind. On the other hand, when good people see wrong and do something about it as I did, then all those folks that have done nothing come out of the woodwork and condemn and criminalize those that are trying to make a difference. I have 2 years remaining on the Belington Council which I intend to fulfill, and yes, I will continue to point out wrongdoing and I at times may appear to be acting like a child. My constant prayer is that I would have a gentle spirit. Most times I do, but I am not infallible. Pray for me.

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May-04-13 11:32 PM

Hey Notfromhere, My wife and I chose to live in Belington only in 2006. To the best of my knowledge, there has not been a mayor who resided outside the city limits. Our Charter, parts of which reach back to 1927, prohibits the mayor living outside the city.

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May-04-13 11:51 PM

Hey notfromhere, Unfortunately, the rest of the story has a lot of issues of a personal nature with regard to the Mayor. It should be his place to hang out that laundry, not mine. He is a likeable person. I can say here, because it is public information, our Mayor is also the Police Chief in the Town of Junior. He is the only police officer there. He was the Police Chief in Belington when we moved here. Police Chief's are not required to attend the State Police Academy. Chief Haller has not attended the academy and thus is not a certified police officer. He and I had a rocky start to his term as Mayor, but we settled in and in my opinion, he was an effective mayor. He ran for sheriff in Barbour County last year and was defeated.

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May-05-13 6:31 PM

Thank - you maxgrove, you're helping me to understand some more of this story. I know there is more to it yet and I see your point, the Mayor has to answer for himself. Thanks for being honest with me. I'm still interested in the outcome.

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