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Mystery of the cheese sandwich

May 9, 2013

It’s hard to get away with anything — or sweep something under the rug — in our modern society. Not that people don’t try. For example, look at the “Great Cheese Sandwich Mystery” in Barbour Coun....

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May-10-13 6:23 PM

Isn't the 'democrat' new school menu agenda working out fine? Thank Michelle Obama....this is your new, slimmer diet plan. NOT healthy...but you will slim down!

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May-11-13 6:16 PM

**** em, make the kids bring their own food or starve. cant afford to eat? too bad. teach these kids how the real world works.********** and they are going to be the ones to learn the hardest once they get out of school. good luck getting a job at mcdonalds, they're starting to want people with 2 year degrees just to flip ******* burgers. GOD BLESS AMERIKKKA

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May-11-13 9:14 PM

Truthseeker, you're about as dumb as a wedge. You mean to tell me you are now blaming Michelle Obama for Barbour County's cheese sandwich scandal. Even you should be able to see how little of your brain needs to function to arrive at that conclusion... And Puremagix, maybe it's not the sports program that has wrecked school lunches (which by your definition is an entitlement that human beings are not entitled to) - but rather the cutting of overall school budgets. Could that be part of the problem? I know you hate socialism, and if you really adore the good old American capitalist way of life, you should be cheering that the school lunchroom is being flushed down the toilet - it signals the dawn of a bright new day in education - when kids will have to provide their own lunch, their own buses, their own school buildings, their own desks, their own books, and their own teachers. Yes, someday the kingdom of heaven will arrive and we won't spend a dime on anyone.

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May-13-13 3:42 PM

well magic*******, *******washingtonexaminer****/mcdonalds-want-ad-demands-bachelors-degree-two-years-experience-for-cashier/article/2526145

there is the proof stating mcdonalds is wanting people with a ******* degree. So go*****a dick. Amerikka is going downhill fast thanks to that monkey in office. Like i said, pack your kids food or you have no ******* room to complain.

go troll somewhere else you dumb arogant *****. hope you fall in a hole

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May-13-13 3:43 PM

so who's got their facts in order now you dumb cow

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May-14-13 9:15 AM

The real problem here is the Board of Ed administration in every single county of the state. These black holes of bureaucracy have gotten bigger and bigger while schools receive less teachers and less funding. It's sad that even the superintendent covers for the people or persons responsible for letting kids go hungry. That is inexcusable and whomever was responsible should indeed be fired...but really, when was the last time a BOE administrator was fired?

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May-14-13 11:14 AM

And people like you make me puke. You must be pretty back woods*******to think he is going down any time soon. What did we do to Bush? NOTHING. Lemme guess, your mom is your sister and your daddy is your uncle? That stupidity you spew comes from a special kind of inbreeding, and Im gonna take a long shot here and assume your brother is your husband....god I hope you dont have any kids, and if you do, I hope the state saves them from your stupidity.

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May-16-13 3:11 AM

Looks like Super knows the "Obama two step". Barbour County always gets least desirable superintendents. Every one we've had in the last 15 years has been fired somewhere else in West Virginia. When we clean out the board and get rid of Super he'll just go to another unfortunate county. It's the same group of people that just go from county to county until they retire. That's whats wrong w/ our educational system Governor!

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May-17-13 5:18 PM

Oh really? have you now? Well, first off, you don't dictate where I post or the way I post. Go take your 400lbs ass back to the welfare office and beg for more handouts.

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May-17-13 11:09 PM

Walker, Obama and his dufus mate (we think) since Michelle on a talk show few weeks ago stated she was a 'single mom,' are the two that SET THE AGENDA in this country and all Democrat leaders in all counties in the nation are following this dufus with everything he DICTATES. It PROVES you democrats FOLLOW not LEAD!

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May-17-13 11:11 PM

I just love getting a liberal socialist riled up like Walker.....they STUPIDLY ADMIT they're stupid. Socialism/liberalism is a failure and it's proven over and over throughout history. THIS current President and administration is proving it also.

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May-17-13 11:12 PM're welcome. I ENJOY making liberals 'puke.' Glad to oblige.

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May-18-13 6:49 AM

The local BOE's, our schools and our governments, both local and federal, suffers from the same disease. The lack of leaders who do not put political agendas, sports programs and non-educational programs ahead of a everything else. Parents have got so caught up in sports they will take to the streets when their sports programs are threatened, but stand idly by while the school system corrupts the minds of their children by filling their heads with political nonsense and acceptance of immoral sexual practices. When you set your standards low, you can't expect anything more on your investment.

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May-21-13 5:34 PM

excuse me? "wont be in here long" and just what the*****is that supposed to mean? you seem to be the keyboard warrior here. go fry yourself up some more fried chicken, and shove in that gullet hole of your. when you wanna man up and meet me that's when your opinion will matter

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May-22-13 1:17 PM

I'm going to dub this the Wrongman Competition. I just love it when two crazy people duke it out for all to see. Thanks for the free entertainment, boys.

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May-26-13 7:55 PM

haha just finished reading all these posts and wow sounds like pure has made a new friend. i dont think anon367 is going to lose any sleep if he gets blocked by the paper. i doubt they will block one of their highest rated users. and who cares if your a cop pure,um nobody. you should take some of your own advice and watch who you upset on here, the person on the other end just could be some psycho gun/knife/axe owner who will find u, you just never know. but until that happens its very entertaining

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Sep-26-13 2:33 PM

Anon just keeps hilariously PROVING to everyone in here he is UNEDUCATED and probably 'inbred.'

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