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Looking for the real voice of America

May 25, 2013

Editor: Where is the voice of America? Not in a Congress whose campaigns are abetted by lobbyists and their employees and who also entertain their activities....

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Jan-13-14 3:22 PM

I see WHAT hasn't the full knowledge of the truth and the facts to make an educated response to the post. He/she KNOWS it is TRUE. Deceivers cannot respond to TRUTH.

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Oct-30-13 12:44 PM what about Benghazi? What about Obamacare? What about IRS discrimination and targeting those they don't agree with? So what about NSA spying on law-abiding citizens? You didn't like NSA spying and drones when Bush was president but somehow you lefties feel okay as long as it's a democrat president doing all the illegal activities right?? SO tell us again how you're NOT a democrat and you only agree/disagree with what's right and wrong? I believe, like typical left in this country, that you are CONFUSED about what's right and what's wrong.

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May-30-13 5:37 AM

The BIGGEST lobbyist is OBAMA. Just ONE of many many many LIES he's told since 2008. The little boy can't tell the truth on anything.

His lies are coming back to bite him and Obama can't handle it. You REAP what you sow. Lazy, useless, degenerates in the country are raging because they see their chance of getting something for nothing is ending. Now, go brush up on your resume............if you ever had one. You're going to have to WORK and EARN your living now. The socialist democrats are FINISHED!

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May-28-13 5:26 PM

no you are trying to blame it all on obama and thats not true. the republicans ran the debt up to 11 trillion and thats obamas fault? i started paying more at the pump to under the republicans and is that obamas fault too? you have to spend money to make money. he has to spend to dig us out of the hole you so called conservatives left us with

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May-27-13 10:06 PM

i did the math using your figures. i realize we werent talking about a balanced budget, you were talking about an unbalanced budget a i was just pointing out who caused it.

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May-26-13 6:48 PM

so just for the record, using your figures below, the us debt has risen 5.7 trillion since obama has been in office and the total us debt is 16.9 trillion. so when obama took office the debt from the previous admin. was 11.2 trillion? i believe the last time the us had a balanced budget and a surplus was under clinton. so the people in charge between them ran a balanced budget up to 11.2 trillion, hmmmmm that would be the republicans correct? sounds like the democrats arent as bad as all of your previous posts suggest... and my electric bill still hasnt quadrupled yet. i think there should be limits on somethings too, like how many posts you can make on this site.

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