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Eggy face preferable to disaster

September 7, 2013

For the time being, President Barack Obama slowed the rush to conflict in the Middle East....

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Sep-07-13 1:57 AM

oblunder? is a Muslim!!!From Kenya, and he doesn't care about America at all.

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Sep-07-13 8:49 AM

Turner, you're spinning so fast that you're dizzy.

I didn't realize that Obama is a hero for pausing. I had been under the impression that he had sent the ships to the Mediterranean and that he wants to send the missiles to Syria. And that he reserves the right to do so even if Congress says no.

And don't try to make war and opposition to war with Syria a partisan issue. Opposition is bi-partisan, with conservatives such as Ted Cruz leading the way.

Obama drew his red line, tried to crawl out from under it and continues to want to strike Syria because he doesn't know what he's doing.

He's not a hero. Anything but. If he strikes Syria, he should be impeached.

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Sep-10-13 11:42 AM

This isn't even worth a comment. I like hearing yinz tussle...

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Sep-10-13 4:25 PM

Obama IS a disaster. WORST liar in the world. We know what he is. And he keeps 'proving' it over and over and over. Traitor! NON-American.

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Sep-10-13 4:25 PM

BWAHAHAHA....Not even progressives can make this president look HUMAN!

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Sep-17-13 5:08 PM

Obama can't PROVE he's born in Hawaii because he is NOT! He can't prove where he went to school; who his friends were; if he had any friends...or any boyfriends, girlfriends or even any animal friends. He can't figure out what day he was born as he keeps getting that wrong on national tv also.

THen one day he mentioned his 'sons.' Hmmm....someone told him he meant 'daughters' right? The guy is either SENILE and brain dead or can't remember his acting lines. Either way he *****!!! The dufus can't remember because he has to stick to his Hollywood 'script.' Teleprompter stops working; so don't his mouth. FUNNY commediene he'd make though. Dufus.

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Sep-20-13 4:03 PM

Aw...poor pansy radical liberals. sniff sniff....maybe mommy will give you some ice cream and make it all better. Grow up losers.

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Sep-22-13 2:26 AM

Liberals are too funny.

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Sep-23-13 1:22 PM

I prefer to call it "Old Yeller" rather than Eggy face.

I see Turner and dems are still failing miserably to attempt to 'defend' this incompetend president. He's no leader. He's no morally upright person. It's really rather embarassing for AMerica!

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Sep-27-13 4:10 PM

Turner is only grasping at straws trying to keep defending this joker in the WH!

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