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Government by coercion and deception

November 30, 2013

“Elections have consequences, and at the end of the day, I won.” — President Obama Barack Obama has won. Twice. And precisely because elections have consequences, the nation has lost. Twice....

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Feb-07-14 10:10 AM appears you are confused about difference between opinion and fact. Look it up. Your 'opinions' don't make them facts. Geez.

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Jan-23-14 10:42 AM

All the left have 'left' are lies. And those are not working very well for them. Liars never succeed. Obama's no different. Even his own party is turning against him. Oh well, he still has Walker, Hildy, What and Oldblue.....lolol. Dig deep in those pockets because he needs your money. lolol.

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Dec-13-13 1:26 AM

thinking for themselves. As one writer put it, "Don't say "My Country right or wrong... that's like saying "my grandmother, drunk or sober..." By the way, anyone who believes that we live in the greatest nation on earth is kidding themselves. We used to be, when politicians worked together, people valued education and could distinguish fact from fanaticism, when the arts mattered and the military was for defense, not for worship, when government represented the people and not the 1% only, when our values centered around the common good instead of "me only," and truth was measured by facts and not by which radio host could spew garbage the loudest. We were once a much better nation than we are now, and President Obama is not to blame. WE are - for failing to think for ourselves and search for facts instead of nodding in agreement with every simpleton who offers easy answers and simple solutions to complex, wondrous challenges.

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Dec-13-13 1:07 AM

What never ceases to amaze me on this site is the degree to which right-wing ideologues in this town will ignore fact, common sense, even their own five senses in defense of an ideology that runs so counter to their own self-interest. The numbers simply don't lie... The top 1% of Americans saw a 34% increase in income while the rest of us 99% saw an average increase of .04%. Obama didn't do that. The corporate takeover of government under the direction of the Koch-headed conservatives in Washington did that by allowing business to run rampant, unchecked and unregulated all the way to the bank. Today the USA looks like Central America & we have nobody to thank but head-in-the-sand flag-waving, gun-toting knee-jerk Bible-thumping, country-music wailing numb-from-the-neck-up racist teabaggers who would rather worship the constitution rather than live by it. Free speech without free thought is a dangerous thing. It wouldn't hurt this town to turn off AFR & try thinking for them

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Dec-12-13 3:32 PM

People like What, enjoy being spoon fed lies. They'd rather hear sweet little lies than face hard reality. That's why Obama can't do any wrong in their eyes. You just cannot fix stupid. The supporters of this narcissistic liar and deceiver will never comprehend what's about to come to fruition by their own ignorance and support of a wicked little man. Not admitting your wittle wiberal president is an incompetent fool only proves this. If Obama was a conservative president, What and his fellow lefties would be having riots in the streets, demanding someone kill him like they did to President Bush. Obama and his supporters have much in common. That is why they like him so much. Criminals, liars, thieves all stick together....for a while. Then they start fighting each other for the 'spoils.' It's going to be something to see them all start fighting each other when it starts though. And the 'spoils' are the people's/taxpayers money, property, etc...Thieves=the lazy nonworkers!!!

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Dec-06-13 6:54 AM still think Obama is honest? Hahahahaha.....thanks for the laugh.

Even democrats in congress have more sense than you do. They even 'admit' Obama lied. So I guess your comments just made everything else you ever say uncredible as Obama's words. You just removed ALL doubt about any sensibility or common sense that anyone in here 'thought' you had. You really have to be dumber than dirt to keep defending a liar, but if that's what you want to do; go ahead. But no one puts any real thought into your comments after that one. LOL. You obviously cannot fix stupid.

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Dec-06-13 6:51 AM

Appears only liberals are racist. They are the only ones that keep bringing up Obama's 'half-black' race. I never hear conservatives speak of anyone by their 'color' but libs do it constantly. Take your blinders off hildy....what....elkins.

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Dec-05-13 5:25 PM

Puremagix--- Translation of his /her statements; Obama is black.

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Dec-04-13 5:01 PM

"Pure" as in PureMagix is a bit fixated on the human excretory -elimination system.Mr.moore may be biased and vindictive, but his remarks are less offensive to our sensibilities than are those of Mr. Pure.

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Dec-04-13 12:09 AM

Obama is fair, honest, truthful.He is a great president in spite of Republican mindless opposition to his every plan even if it is one of their,s ,as is the Affordable Health Care. Obama has not been coercive, in fact he does not push back against his detractors nearly enough:He let them convince the world that he lied about keeping our own health insurance although he told the truth.Alec, funded by the Koch Brothers control West Virginia,voters and politicians alike.Thus it is is now ,unproudly, a red state,even though it exists mostly from the presence of Democratic entities and institutions. The Intermountain needs to hire a retired progressive with a civil tongue to counter George .Puremagix has a inane name and a biased opinion of Dr. Turner who is astute , intellectual and grounded in political history. his colums show these characteristics

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Dec-02-13 8:56 AM

Yeah you think playfare will be saying blah, blah, blah when the Iranians fire their first missile at us? Stupid is as stupid does and Obama does!!

Liberals can't think, can't respond due to lack of any intelligence. Play just showed us his lack of education/intelligence.

Barack Obama has won. Twice. And precisely because elections have consequences, the nation has lost. Twice. This sums the nation up exactly. And unfortunately for democrats......the nation has waken up to the deceit and the lies that this party has created, causing nothing but worsening conditions for the 'people' of this nation on a 'daily' basis. Oh yeah they're finished. Thus, the daily news telling of all the half intelligent democrats' leaving this crooked party in droves before the next election. But don't think that will work either. ALL these democrats voted for Obamacare and never bothered to read it first. And ALL these democrats called their constitutents stupid and ignored them. Remember!

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Nov-30-13 11:22 PM


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