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Immigration ‘reforms’ must wait

December 7, 2013

“Comprehensive immigration reform” appears to be dead for this year, and it probably will remain dead until after the mid-term elections next fall....

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Dec-12-13 3:39 PM

These illegals are here by breaking our laws. America doesn't need MORE lawbreakers. Ship them back ASAP! Come in the legal way or stay out! It's the LAW! (Except when Obama is in office).

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Dec-08-13 10:19 AM

We have read alot of stories about how bad it is in Central and South America. The USA doesnt have civil wars and alot of drug traffic violence but we do have alot of people living in poverty, on food stamps; etc. We also have a 17 trillion dollar national debt and going up.

We cant afford to take care of the worlds poor when we arent doing a very good job taking care of our own poor. It also doesnt make sense we allow businesses to exploit illegals when those jobs could be done by our own; our own who pay income and other taxes and dont live 12 people to a 2 room apt.

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Dec-08-13 10:14 AM

Solutions; you have to try and enforcement has not been tried. Second we need to take away the incentives so they dont have a reason to be here. Canada doesnt allow birthright citizenship unless one parent is Canadian,

If they arent reporting their income; how do they get unemployment benefits? Not even sure they can get them if they are here illegally. As for dealing drugs or worse; they can go to jail for that though thats costly for America.

Alot of people left AZ after 1070. They did the same in SC? so we need to at least try it for a while and also actually deport illegals instead of giving them a pass like Obama is helping OHS to do.

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Dec-08-13 10:03 AM

And one more thing, we need to limit how many people we allow into the US from trouble spots, like the Middle East, Columbia, Russia. We have scores of people in the US right now that wish us harm that shouldn't be here, and wouldn't have been here, had we paid attention to the Bible. You just don't let the ememy into your camp, and that's exactly what we've done for the last 60 years.

Since WWII, we have failed miserably at keeping the enemy out of America, and we can thank the worthless liberals for that.

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Dec-08-13 9:56 AM

What the United States needs to do is put a "Zero" immigration policy in place until this mess can be sorted out. Then they need to actively hunt down anyone who is not here legally and deport them. Along with that, the "Anchor Baby" needs to be done away with. As usual, the Mexican's especially, have been abusing it. Next, it should be made a criminal offence with mandatory jail time for anyone hiring illegal aliens. It's not that difficult to find out whether or not they are here illegally. We should also adopt Mexico's immigration law pertaining to Demographics. In Mexico, it is illegal for anyone to move into an area in sufficient numbers to change the demographics of that area. We need to change everything about immigration in this country.

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Dec-08-13 12:23 AM

solutions, we're only 'stuck with them' IF we keep on allowing our government to aid and abet them. Enforcement does work IF it is allowed. I like in Arizona and before SB1070 was ever even signed into law there were illegals packing their bags and heading out of our state. When it was signed, even more left. Unfortunately, our government is working overtime to stop any state attempts to do the job that the feds shoud be doing... so SB1070 was picked apart. The very fact that illegals were leaving before it became law should tell everyone that enforcement works. Combine that with ending the lures of jobs, birthright citizenship and all of the government assistance that it gets them and they will stay home. If they can't get jobs they can't pay for rent, food, etc. and if they can't get assistance by popping out an anchor baby they've got no way to stay. Knowing that they WILL be deported if caught, nobody will hire them and they can have no anchor babies would keep most home.

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Dec-07-13 11:57 PM

Excellent analysis. I suppose we will adopt a "don't ask, don't tell" attitude towards the illegals. Like ticketing speeders on the highway, you only need to cite a few speeders in order for every speeder to get the message. We do need to end birth tourism, elevate illegal presence to a felony, and we do need to end chain migration. The glory days of the US as an emigrant destination are long over. We are no longer the empty continent, neither are we a rich country. We are all just sick and tired of getting hammered by foreigners.

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Dec-07-13 11:36 AM

You had us until we got to the point where illegals get to stay. Illegals are here due to incentives like a job, birth right citizenship or entitlements through the baby.

Why arent you suggesting removing those incentives by mandating e verify for all work including independent contractor work? Using a govt issued photo id; which proves you are who you are and that ssn belongs to you; we can weed out 7 to 8 millions jobs being dont by illegals currently and open them up to US citizens who badly need a job and or more pay.

Second birthright citizen. We have alot more people in this country they we would have due to this. Parents also use their babies born here to advocate for their right to stay too. Thats why we have terrorists and others as US citizens. If you dont have one parent here legally and permanently; there is no reason a baby born here should get automatic US citizenship.

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