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Harless illustrated America’s promise

January 7, 2014

A social and political doctrine preaching that the United States is not really the nation of opportunity many of us were led to believe seems to be gaining popularity....

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Jan-27-14 2:26 AM

What is confused again. He cannot decide if he's "FOR" wealth distribution; or "AGAINST" wealth distribution!

It's a LIBERAL dilemma. They always play both sides of the fence, depending on how it "helps" themselves. Right What???? Like Al GOre and Obama and Clintons............THey are all "FOR" it before they were "AGAINST" it, eh??? LOLOL.

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Jan-17-14 5:02 PM

Granted, PM. Third gen. welfare recipients make me mad too. But you are simply mistaken if you believe that support programs for the poor are about creating dependency. Statistics (I mean real statistics, not Heritage Foundation made-up ones) prove that a very small percentage of those receiving aid prefer it and remain on it. The VAST majority use them as they were intended - a safety net during the most difficult times - even in West Virginia this is the case. You are lost in a propaganda warp created by Tea-baggers who feel it's OK to enjoy the benefits of a free society without any of the responsibilities. I repeat. If you and the TeaBagger/Fox/Heritage/AFR fanatics really believe in no entitlements, then stop driving on public roads, attending public schools, drinking public water, fishing in state parks, buying groceries produced by gvt. subsidized corporate farms, and all the other hundreds of perks you enjoy at taxpayer expense.

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Jan-17-14 4:50 PM

A lovely article about a fine man wrapped in a political opinion like an ill-fitting suit. Are hard work and a moral responsibility to the needs of others somehow exclusive? If so, then Harless' hard work and his acts of philanthropy were at odds with each other. I doubt he gave millions to Marshall University to further the cause of the privileged few. He, like most thinking people, recognize that providing a way for the less fortunate to rise above their circumstances is not just kindness, but a wise investment in society. Surely he didn't think it would go to a band of lazy bums eager for a handout. The point is, this is not a left or right value. It is part of what it means to live in a good society. Sure there are takers at every economic level, but Harless recognized that "to whom much is given much is required." The recipients of his gracious legacy now have a responsibility to live up to those ideals and to follow his example. Many will.

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Jan-13-14 2:01 PM

No examples of anyone with a moral compass today. The left are running things and they love anything indecent, immoral, crooked, dishonest, anti-christian and disgusting. It shows.

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Jan-07-14 12:47 PM

Amen! Great remembrance piece on Harless.

You can't expect indoctrinated socialist democrats to understand that only hard work and a non-selfish, non-laziness, compassion for others attitude gets you success in life. These socialists don't want to work; they feel special and entitled to whatever their little dark hearts desire. Sad? Yes...but they won't change unless the 'want' to and 'desire' to be happy instead of the angry, blame-others attitude they all possess! They don't know how to enjoy life & be happy. They only know anger, anti-this and anti-that and hate.

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