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Abortion the third rail of politics

February 25, 2014

Social Security really isn’t the “third rail” of politics, despite what has been said. Abortion earns that distinction....

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Mar-12-14 11:38 AM

Clearly, Democrats who control both the House and Senate are very good at using procedure to give lawmakers cover on controversial issues. How many times have you been told a legislator agreed with you on a bill, but couldn't vote for it "because, well, it got bottled up in committee ..."?

Next time that happens, ask your lawmaker why the bill was stuck in committee - and whether he or she tried to do anything about that.

THAT is why democrats passed that little thingy recently that HELPS THEM SQUASH any and all bills they do not want the public to know how they would vote on.

Democrats losing in Florida election today and WV WILL fire these idiots here too. VOTE THEM OUT!

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Mar-11-14 6:59 AM

Jane:"Abortion is about controlling women." You are one misguided person Jane if you really believe abortion is about controlling women. I'm curious. Do you really believe that or is it perhaps a way of appeasing your conscience? Can you even grasp the seriousness of this problem? Do you realize that there has been over 52 million innocent children put to death since abortions became legal? That number is higher than the entire of Canada, and several other countries around the world. That's eight times the number of Jewish people murdered by Hitler during WWII.

Your soul must be as black as coal to have such a casual attitude about murdering innocent children. I know you have somehow convinced yourself that unborn children are nothing more than a blob of tissue, but you are so wrong on this one there's no way to accurately describe how wrong you are, but someday when you meet your maker, you will realize just how wrong you are. I can't imagine how anyone could think it's r

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Mar-08-14 4:58 PM

This reasons this legislation didn't pass is because in all other states where this has passed it has been overturned as unconstitutional. We should be outraged that our tax dollars were wasted over trying to turn back the hands of time. Sorry, old men. Abortion is about controlling women and there are too many of us to let that happen. We are not going backwards, only forward.

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Feb-25-14 10:41 AM

Abortion has very little to do with women's health. Yes, there are a few women who are in danger of losing their life if they have a child, but in reality, that is a very small percentage of women. The problem is this. Most liberals view an unborn child as a parasite, something less than human growing inside them. It's easier for them to appease their conscience by calling it something other than what it is, alive. What they fail to understand is that any "Dead" tissue, whether inside or out, decays, or rots in you like.

That's not the case with a child. If left alone, it will grow and become a fully developed individual, but they won't admit that, because if they did, they would have to resign to the idea that they are a murderer, no different than Jack The Ripper or Jeff Dahmer. Both of them were mentally deficient, so does that qualify those who have abortions mentally handicapped? I'd think it would. No sane person murders innocent babies.

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