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Race to attract the cracker plant

March 5, 2014

Plans by a Brazilian firm to build an ethane cracker plant in Wood County are advanced but not finalize....

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Mar-12-14 10:21 AM

What's even more "retarded" is that someone would actually post a comment that implies that all liberals are happy to raise your energy costs. That's like saying all republicans only care about money.

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Mar-10-14 4:01 PM

Here... calm down. I know how upset dems are at the miserable support numbers but hey, you all brought this upon yourselves; ignoring the MAJORITY of voters, passing Obama(s)care, going after conservatives by using the IRS, NSA, FBI, etc...

Can't wait until a REPUBLICAN prez does all these things YOU support Obama in doing. Oh yeah; karma is a beach!

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Mar-10-14 11:57 AM

You would argue about anything wouldn't you? If I said republicans are # 1. Democrats*****you would find something to disagree with. You're that guy who's not happy with anything. Not happy unless you're arguing, and you have the last word .

"There's no pleasing you". Goldmember

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Mar-10-14 7:57 AM

Obama's 'progressivism' means closing American made manufacturing plants and businesses and 'replacing' with FOREIGN plants and businesses! THEN... when we tick them off; they pack up and leave and where are we then? Back to square one!

Foreigners buying up more American soil than Americans. That's the plan of the liberal left. Enjoy it clueless ones. YOU will be working for our enemies soon and you can thank a democrat or republican progressive!

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Mar-10-14 7:53 AM

Yeah, Here; lots of food stamp recipients THINK they're better off. They never had it so easy FOR NOW. But wait until the bottom drops out from Obama's administration and federal reserve Propping up the wall street and the Dow to Fool the fools into thinking 'everythings hunky-doory.' lol. Those foolish people will be 'devastated' when the rug is pulled out. A new Fed Reserve director is in charge now and she (Ms. Yellen) is about to STOP the PROPPING UP and buying of our national DEBT. That means "higher interest rates and higher gas prices and higher food prices" for those who are 'ignorant' of economic knowledge. What WILL you all do then? Enjoy the trip through laa-laa land.

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Mar-09-14 11:59 PM

The important thing to understand is that a cracker is the first plant that must be built in order for a chemical manufacturing center to grow up around it. Other plants will use the cracker's output to make a wide range of higher value-added products.

The cracker itself is not trivial, but in the big picture, it is a seed compared to the crop we can one day realize if this project is allowed to go forward and nurtured. Over time it could create the basis for thousands of well paying jobs.

There was never a state that needed this more, nor a better opportunity.

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Mar-09-14 10:38 PM

Somebody hasn't been paying attention. President Obama has challenged congress to get him a bill that would bring manufacturing back to America. The economy's not all that bad right now. If you can't admit that then you're either stupid. Or your a liar. Im much better off now than I was when Bush left office.

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Mar-07-14 6:24 AM

Obama/democrats' goal? Shut down PRIVATE AMERICAN owned businesses and/or send them overseas THEN allow FOREIGNERS to bring 'their' businesses over here.

America is making NOTHING anymore thanks to liberals' policies.

When a foreign country gets angry with us...they destroy us once again by moving all the business back out!

Being liberal means NEVER perceiving the "Consequences" of your actions.

Bring back American manufacturing jobs; vote conservative and enjoy a 'future'; support liberals and enjoy your foodstamps!

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Mar-05-14 11:56 AM

This is the kind of stuff that burns me up. Here we are welcoming a Brazilian company with open arms, and running off American companies like Beretta USA who decided to locate elsewhere after our wonderful Senator Manchin pulled his stunt sucking up to Obama and his gun control agenda. These boneheads couldn't care less that American industry has gone the way of the dinosaur, and that our GDP has fell into the basement because of overseas competition. Bring more foreign companies into the US and let U.S. companies go broke while the government cheers them on.

We need to get our own manufacturing back on track. If we get into another war like WWII, we're finished. We couldn't manufacture toilet paper to keep our butt clean while some foreign army kicked our ass out of our own country. This is pathetic. Obama regulates our plants out of business to make room for foreign competition. How quaint.

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