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Tomblin, lawmakers deserve credit

March 11, 2014

West Virginia legislators deserve enormous credit for the way they handled a disaster dumped on their plates Jan. 9, just as they were preparing for their annual 60-day regular session....

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Mar-14-14 7:05 AM

Major, Isn't it odd that the EPA allowed the use of a chemical that was not tested for toxic properties, accumulative affects or even how it reacts if ingested? They admitted they didn't know the short of long term affects of this chemical on humans. Now we have contamination all along the river's route to and down the Mississippi River system, and we don't even have the dope on how it's impacting people from here to the Gulf of Mexico.

I wonder how many people at the EPA went, oops, we goofed on that one. Oh well, we are the supreme commander of the environment. We're allowed to make mistakes like that no matter how many people we kill.

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Mar-13-14 6:59 AM

I love how our officials set the stage for such disasters that could have been avoided had they been paying attention, and then sit around patting themselves on the back taking credit for the measures taken after the fact. Anyone with half a brain knows you don't issue permits for storing hazardous chemicals above the city's fresh water intake. No matter how small the risk, you just don't put hundreds of thousands of people in harms way. No matter how careful you are, Murphy's Law is always present, and this time, Murphy's law prevailed.

I'm a firm believer in planning for the worst, and hope for the best. You simply can't go wrong with that philosophy. Had the City of Charleston been paying attention, they would have either denied the permit, or at least moved their water intake above the storage yard. The state DEP also shares in the blame for their lack of oversight at the facility. Had they been doing regular inspections, chances are, this chemical would have been contained.

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Mar-12-14 6:56 PM

The House of Representatives voted this week to not hold volunteer fire departments to the employer mandate under Obamacare. This measure will save our local companies a lot of money, and let them stay open to fight fires.

Well ain't that something! Democrats who SUPPORTED Obamacare 'worried' about the COST to not the people living here; only 'firefighters!'

Feeling 'discriminated' against from democrats people? You should! They're picking and choosing again WHO has to 'pay up' or get IRS after you for a FINE and who doesn't.

Don't forget to vote these hypocrites OUT of office next time around.

I thought Obamacare was SOOOO good for people dems! I guess NOT!

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Mar-12-14 7:13 AM

You go ahead and give them a clap. We STILL do NOT know how much damage EPA/dems failed 'prevention' standards or rather non-standards have/will play on HUMAN LIFE!

They admit they know NOTHING about that chemical EPA/DEMS FORCED usage of; yet they SAY stupidly, the water is 'safe.' And they 'expect' us to believe them? LOL. NO ONE believes politicians, especially democrats over past 5 years. Wait until all the people start appearing with same health issues only in THOSE counties affected. What then? This paper would probably still attempt to 'give them an 'applause' right?

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Mar-12-14 7:09 AM

Lib media STILL trying hard to defend democrats failed record of protecting citizens/communities even with their continuous passing of stringent EPA laws that do nothing but HARM workers, businesses & evidently our environment too. Incompents!!!

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Mar-12-14 7:06 AM

I'll give Governor tomblin/democrats credit for huge taxation on citizens called Obamacare!

The White House still needs about 1.8 million people to sign up for Obamacare by March 31 to be successful. ALL dems voted for it; ZERO republicans voted for it!

Florida had a test election and the democrat LOST and the republican won. the country is fed up!

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Mar-11-14 12:12 PM

Whoa Nellie, back up the wagon. You don't pat someone on the back when the cause of the problem could have been averted if the state had been on top of things. The state DEP dropped the ball on this one big time. There were few inspections done at the site where the chemicals were stored, and don't you think the state dropped the ball again when they issued a permit to store these chemicals above the city's drinking water intake? Basically what happened here is someone took a chance on an outside bet that nothing would every happen at this site. If they were going to issue a permit at this location, then the city of Charleston should have relocated their fresh water intake to a location above the storage facility. Would you locate your outhouse upstream of your drinking water supply? The same applies here as well, only this time it's not just one person's drinking water that's at risks, it's everyone down stream for hundreds of miles.

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