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Let the sun shine in on public’s business

March 21, 2014

Openness in government is not a liberal, conservative, Republican, Democrat, Independent, TEA party or Libertarian issue....

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Apr-10-14 9:17 AM

The deceit and hypocrisy in govt and media is astounding but not surprising by the voters.

We KNOW the truth! We KNOW the agenda. We KNOW who the enemies of America are and in November we will take care of business at the ballot box. Americans ALWAYS correct their mistakes and we realize the biggest mistake was voting for these progressives in 2008!

Now we shall correct that mistake come November. Last midterms took a lot of them out; now we will finish the rest. Progressives ARE the problem.

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Mar-24-14 6:42 AM

Open government Initiative IS a liberal organization based on deceit!

Obama started this and to date he's already REFUSED to give information, investigate IRS targeting of conservatives/tea party apps for nonprofit status of organizations, and SECRETLY in 2009, ALTERED the FOIA that PREVENTS public from getting information TRANSPARENTLY about anything this administration is doing.

Yet Intermountain continues 'playing this game' that they want transparency too. Would that be Obama's "DEFINITION" of transparency or Webster's definition?????????

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Mar-24-14 6:39 AM

Intermountain's CONFUSED!

The Open Government Initiative was an effort by the administration of President of the United States Barack Obama to "creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government.".[1] The directive starting this initiative was issued on January 20, 2009, Obama's first day in office.[2]

The philosophy of the initiative is the government should be transparent, participatory and collaborative. Agencies across the federal government are establishing Open Government Web pages and asking the public for ideas and suggestions.

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Mar-24-14 12:03 AM

Well, a newspaper has to have something to talk about. I suppose I would have more trust in a news agency that just says it how is. For example, some days paper could have the front page headline saying: Nothing important or mildly interesting happened yesterday or last night. Enjoy the crossword puzzle and comics!

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Mar-23-14 2:17 PM

We would like to know the Intermountains' take on Obama's 'altering' of the Freedom of Information Act. Three times I have informed them as they apparently 1.)Are blind to this FACT! OR... 2.)Wish us to ignore Obama's altering of FOIA and thus making it harder to get information about Benghazi, Fast & Furious and other outrageous things this administration has done. Obama 'promised' transparency at same time he's altering the process which promises the public 'transparency!' LIES and DECEIT! The voters are catching on to the lies and not with any liberal media's help. DON'T think you're going to get the truth from media; they're more clueless, lazy and/or intentionally refusing to 'report' on these dangerous patterns Obama is toying with in our republic. The public has NO faith, trust in media, or govt officials anymore. WIth justification too. Too many lies and deceit from both. Zero credibility left.

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Mar-23-14 2:10 PM

This week, The Inter-Mountain is highlighting local agencies that operate openly and with transparency, as well as instances when public information has been harder to come by, and officials have been reluctant to let the public know what was going on behind closed doors.

Question for Intermountain: WHY aren't you informing your readers about Obama ALTERING the FOIA to PREVENT what you pretend to care about? Or is it only 'local' transparency you're concerned with?

Transparency can only happen when your local 'media' is honest and open and NOT biased! Ignoring the President's own 'altering' and 'secret' meetings proves you're not that into transparency in ALL govt!

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Mar-22-14 7:26 AM

Like most newspapers, the liberals at the Intermountain wants to burn its candle at both ends. There has been several articles about transparancy, and how they are losing the ability to nose around in our public records to expose private citizens to possible danger by making it public about their concealed carry permits. They love this kind of stuff, but have no problem sitting on issues like spying on private citizens, or Obama illegally circumventing Congress to pass law by executive orders, and scores of other "secret" legislation designed to strip us of our rights.

The media is a two faced hypocrite that wants transparency for them, but little access to vital information about their favorite dictator in the White House trying to enslave all Americans under a socialist dictatorship, headed by Barry the Indonesian drag queen. You can't have it both ways editors. It is a two way street. You should learn that.

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