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$456,000 worth of marijuana confiscated

Tip leads Lewis County Sheriff’s Office to 152 plants

March 28, 2014

WESTON — The Lewis County Sheriff’s Office seized 152 marijuana plants from a residence located off Old Mill Road, Lewis County Sheriff Adam Gissy said Thursday....

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Apr-02-14 7:12 AM

Oh, while we're on the subject of a flat tax. Studies have shown that a flat tax of just 2% would generate more revenue for the government than the present tax system. Why? Everyone pays it. The present system is grossly unfair, leaving only a few to carry the entire tax burden. You are one of them. Anyone who works is carrying way more of the tax burden than they should be forced to carry. Spread that over the entire population, and that burden drops exponentially.

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Apr-02-14 7:08 AM

2cents, our founders most likely rolled over in their graves if they seen what's going on today in this country. I don't know if you are aware of it or not, but there a local chapter of the Tea Party in Elkins. It's not hard to find out who they are. I know they are there because I was a guest speaker there a couple years ago. They are not the raving lunatics the left makes them out to be. They are nothing more than concerned citizens, fed up with the socialistic efforts of our legislators. Who knows, one of the people you know may even be a member of one of the groups. They are in Elkins, Philippi, Grafton and just about every other city in WV.

Check them out, they'll be glad to have you sit in on their meetings and see what they are all about. You have nothing to lose. Right?

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Apr-01-14 11:48 PM

Rand Paul says he's in favor of a 17% flat tax.

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Apr-01-14 11:38 PM

I know a little about the Sons of Freedom and the Boston tea party. Paul Revere, Samuel Adams and the North church. I've been to Boston and walked the freedom trail. America may not be what it is today had it not been for this group. I wonder what they would think about today's government.

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Apr-01-14 11:01 PM

A political cult is a group or movement with a primary interest in political action and ideology. Groups that some have termed as "political cults," either far-left or far-right.

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Apr-01-14 6:58 AM

2cents obviously doesn't know who the Tea Party is or what they stand for. A cult? Are you serious? The Tea Party is made up of grassroots individuals who are fed up with government intrusion and corruption. If that's a cult, then I guess all the people who revolted against England, and gave birth to our country were cult members as well. We have a government that does many of the same things Hitler did, and the people who work to stop these things are cult members? Wake up 2 cents. Our rights are being taken, our children indoctrinated, and the foundation of our country is being destroyed, and you have the audacity to call the people who wish to stop it cultist? You my friend are seriously confused.

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Apr-01-14 6:45 AM

I almost forgot. It has been shown that the government would collect nearly three times the tax revenue it has now by making everyone pay their fair share.

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Apr-01-14 6:43 AM

2cents: There's a better way than keeping the IRS around. It's called a flat tax. It's the only fair tax inasmuch as everyone pays it. It reduces our yearly budget by eliminating a seriously over bloated government bureaucracy. When a flat tax is collected at the register, there is very little accounting involved in the system, which exponentially reduces the government's accounting cost, and does away with the mad rush to get your taxes done. Pay it at the register, and the income tax nightmare at the end of the year disappears. Nothing could be simpler.

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Apr-01-14 6:35 AM

2cents, do you want to get rid of the drug problem? You can't do it the way we're doing it now. Criminals understand one thing, harsh penalties, and until we get serious about winning the battle against drugs, it will be a never ending battle. When you go to war you don't slap your enemies wrist and let them go, you eliminate them.

You worry too much about the criminal and not enough about the innocent people whose lives are destroyed by drugs. That's the problem with this country right now. No one is serious about eliminating the people who cause the problems. My way, there are no repeat offenders. Ever!

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Mar-30-14 10:20 PM

These days is this a good thing? I thought dope was made legal by the Democrats

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Mar-29-14 7:55 PM

West Virginia State Police owned and operated drones is the answer. Arm them with adequate munitions to confront what the cartels can muster up. Maybe even some herbicide to kill these plants. They can easily find all the meth labs these deadheads keep making out in the boonies. Also they can be quicker responders to cop killers. Have one overshadowing each State Trooper unit. Think about it legislators. I'm still alive because it worked overseas. Just saying.

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Mar-29-14 3:26 PM

I calls 'em like I sees 'em

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Mar-29-14 2:34 PM

2Cents - thanks for your common sense comments. Intelligent and well thought out opinions seem to be few and far between on these comment boards. It's enjoyable to see someone here has a sense of humor and ability to think outside tired party lines. Thank you.

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Mar-29-14 12:58 PM

So the IRS is discriminating by investigating a "cult" or "group" of people, i.e. (The tea party) that openly speaks about abolishing the IRS, and the federal government? Think again. That's their job. I say audit all of 'em. Then we'll see who's paying their fair share.

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Mar-29-14 12:45 PM

Just because they say its worth half a million doesn't mean it is. Don't you watch Pawn Stars?

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Mar-29-14 12:43 PM

George Washington grew marijuana, and he made whiskey.

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Mar-29-14 12:39 PM

The death penalty for growing marijuana, are you serious? That's a bit harsh don't you think? They don't even put someone to death for manslaughter, or 2nd degree murder. Or how about 19 year old boys that get drunk and drive to fast and cause the death of a friend. I would also like to add that I think the value of these plant they "confiscated" was grossly overestimated. They would be hard presses to get $3,000 for one plant , even at Colorado's jacked up prices of $600 an ounce.

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Mar-29-14 11:18 AM

"Next election, this nation is going to go back to COMMON SENSE and fire all liberal/progressive politicians and stop the liberalism that calls lawabiding citizens with guns, criminals and let's real criminals go free!"

REALLY? West Virginia is supposedly a God-Fearing, Law Abiding, 2nd Amendment Revering People, yet they keep electing democrats. The democrat party is Pro Child Murder, Pro Sexual Perversion, Anti-Gun, Pro Tax and Spend us into the Poor House.

LIBERTINES who all seem to share the morality of Anthony Weiner and Barney Frank, and we keep electing them ANYWAY. Our illustrious governor just vetoed a bill limiting abortion, and the liar claimed to be pro-life when he wanted our votes. The snake talks out of both sides of his mouth, just like Manchin, Obama's buddy.

That's OK, West Virginia. Just keep voting for the democrats like your daddy did, and your granddaddy did.

The democrat party of TODAY is NOT your granddaddy's democrat party.


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Mar-29-14 10:26 AM

I was just joking, about selling it. But I was making a point that marijuana is not the evil that it's made out to be (no more evil than alchohol anyway) however this case is a bit extreme. Half a million in one trailer that's quite an operation. Even in Colorado a person can only grow up to six plants legally for personal use.

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Mar-29-14 10:00 AM

Unfortunately some activist liberal judge will let him go!

Next election, this nation is going to go back to COMMON SENSE and fire all liberal/progressive politicians and stop the liberalism that calls lawabiding citizens with guns, criminals and let's real criminals go free!

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Mar-29-14 9:57 AM

Yes TopGUn they won't give him anything because WDTV just reported that our Obama handpicked Attorney General Holder wants to "CHANGE OUR CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM" NOW. He wants to 'release' drug criminals to make room in prisons for harsher criminals.

So Obama administration full of degenerates wants to obviously make drug users/sellers okay. While at same time attempting to make gun owners criminals!

Can't wait for next election! How about executing murderers and rapists; then you have room for these drug users who are ones robbing people for drugs/money to purchase them with? Oh but that would be JUSTICE and this justice dept isn't for justice. Holder does nothing about voter intimidation by black panther group in 2009/2012; does nothing to Lois Lerner and IRS intimidation/discrimination on conservative organizations, PROVING he cares nothing about JUSTICE or locking up the real criminals!

Most crooked lawless administration EVER!

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Mar-29-14 6:22 AM

Half a million in drugs, and when this guy goes to court, he will get a minimum sentence, a slap on the wrist, and in three months, he'll have a new place to cultivate his pot. Drugs are a tough game, and it takes tough rules to govern it. The only way to stop drugs is make the penalties so harsh, no one wants to risk getting caught.

For example. A half million in drugs makes you a major player in the game, and if you get caught, you will get a major sentence. In this case, the death penalty. Then from there down, the penalties will get less severe. $250,000 in drugs, life in prison with no change of parole. $100,000 in drugs, 40 years in prison. Anything below $100,000, 30 years in prison with no chance of parole. All of these sentences need to be mandatory and not left up to the judge. Plea bargaining should not be allowed either. Do this and watch drugs die out. We have to make it so costly, no one wants to play the game.

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Mar-29-14 12:03 AM

These aren't the drugs we have problems with. And as the rest of the country is starting to realize, it's a bigger waste of time to be chasing it.

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Mar-28-14 11:29 PM

They should sell it in Colorado for half price $200,000.

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Mar-28-14 7:40 PM

Randolph County should get rid of half the deputies they have now and insist that the remaining half get off their duffs and do some work ... not long ago 4 or 5 deputies covered the entire county ... now about the only thing the current bunch might be able to bust is the seal on a glazed donut box!

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