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Canada suffering from war on coal

March 29, 2014

I am responding to the article “Capito has every reason to smile.” Democrats, and many labor union members, are justified to feel “furious about … the White House’s war on coal....

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Apr-11-14 7:15 AM

The left's LIES are catching up to them!

When you decide to weave the lies of deceit, there's always a "payday!"

Democrats are now seeing the results of their lies and deceit and agenda of division and discord among the people to satisfy their own self-promoting self-agrandizing over-bloated egos!

Payback is a bee---itch!!! What happens when you get where you are ONLY based on lies and not competency or intelligence. The fall is always harder.

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Apr-04-14 6:48 AM

Self-promoting deceivers of global warming need YOUR money! Thus, the fake scam for the WORLD:global warming EVEN though it's getting COLDER! The liars are running things today or haven't you noticed?

One of the scientists that are involved in this worldwide scam and had their own EMAILS hacked and made PUBLIC that showed how they sit up on their self-made pedestals, LAUGHING at those dumb enough to believe their lies! I am NOT one of those as I know we will always have warm and cold weather; it's a NATURAL PHENOMENON!!! A scam bigger than Madoffs is grabbing hold of the stupid!

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Apr-04-14 6:44 AM

Oh an article from another one of those "self-proclaimed" global warmists. LOLOLOL. Just the fact he believes in the fraudulent global warming crap disproves anything else he says. NO COMMON SENSE...but is one of many elites hoping to deceive the world into believing their humongous Madoff scam to tax the world and enrich THEMSELVES!!!

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Apr-03-14 7:03 AM

One more thing Mr. Harris. Be very watchful of the United States over the next few months. Obama has been cooking a scheme to declare martial law, and when it happens, it's going to be a global move, spearheaded by the United Nations. I urge you to go to YouTube and search out videos about training exercises over major cities like Miami across America. They call them training exercises, but we all know it's a precursor to what's coming soon.

Also, look up videos about massive military equipment moves across the US, which shows trainloads of tanks, armored personnel carriers, and other equipment being resituated across the country. It goes in conjunctions with the government's recent purchase of more than 1 billion rounds of ammunition. Please note the emblems on the side of some trucks. They do not bear US emblems, but rather emblems bearing a red crescent, which are Middle Eastern in origin. Hide your guns, and hide them well, because this is going to be a massive move by the UN.

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Apr-03-14 6:54 AM

The people here in the US have not felt the crunch yet, but they will very soon. Here in West Virginia, coal is our mainstay, and when it is phased out, the crunch will be massive and painful for everyone. If you remember, Obama promised power bills three to four times higher than they were when he took office. The climate change minions have been whetting their hands waiting for someone like Obama to get in office, so they can put their carbon credit scam into affect.

Well, it's hear, and it's going to be costly. The irony in the while situation lays with the carbon credits themselves. They cost $1.5 million each, and as long as you purchase them, you will not be forced to change anything about the amount of pollution created by your company. They do absolutely nothing to curb pollution. People like the Rockefellers and the Al Gores of the climate community will get extremely wealthy, and the rest of us will spend most of our paycheck trying to pay our heating and power bills.

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