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Wage increase could strain the economy

March 31, 2014

ELKINS — Legal experts have taken issue with a bill that passed in the recent legislative session and some fear that if it is signed into law, it could put a strain on economic growth in the Mountai......

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Apr-01-14 8:10 PM

How are republicans are going to change this? Lower minimum wages like Michelle Bachman proposed? That won't go over well with the voters.

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Apr-01-14 8:02 PM

posted: "COst of living and basics of life ALWAYS rise when minimum wage raises". That's called greed, or status quo. The job creators could at least create some jobs after the record highs on Wall Street last year. Is that too much to ask?

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Apr-01-14 7:41 PM

I was thinking the same thing. The title is contradictory, an increase in minimum wage should improve the economy, or at least break even But we can't have that can we? That would cut into profit margins. I'm not saying every employer can afford to pay more , but there are those which could afford to cut into their profit margin a little in order to benifit the lives of the people that work for them, and in turn improve the economy for everyone. Of course it wouldn't happen overnight it would take maybe a year or two, but the more consumers bring home the more they will spend. Which would benefit everyone, including those selling goods or services. How could it possibly hurt the economy with a surge in spending . One thing I know for sure is that someone making minimum wage brings home about $240 a week and that's barely enough to pay the bills. Walmart on the other hand had a gross profit of $139 billion last year.

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Apr-01-14 3:18 PM

Can anyone explain to me with a sheet of paper and crayons WHY the prices go up when minimum wage increases? I'm not very fiscally savvy. It must be a coincidence that there is suddenly a shortage on supplies, right? Or is it digging too deep into the pockets of the corporate heirarchy. Uh oh! Brace yourselves for the onslaught!

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Apr-01-14 2:57 PM

TruthSeether: "Sorry I cannot use crayons and pictures for those nonthinkers on left to make it anymore plainer than this."

Oh! I have a better idea. Just use a permanent marker and some white out on your screen for us. Then we can all see what you are trying to say. I think that technology exists now doesn't it?

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Mar-31-14 8:25 PM

Ah, but Jane, you overlook one thing. EVERY time minimum wage goes up, so does the cost of eveything on the store shelves. Everything from food to a new pair of shoes takes a hike, so are you any better off? Hardly. A minimum wage increase has always hurt the workers, not helped them.

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Mar-31-14 5:56 PM

Headline should read, "Raise in Minimum Wage Spurs Economy On". We are overdue for a minimum wage and working folks need the extra income. More money for us means more money spent which makes the economy improve for everybody. My only complaint? Minimum wage should be $10/hour.

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Mar-31-14 3:29 PM

only payraises democrats care about are their own!

Middle of June this year; Obama's new picked Federal Reserve person, Janet Yellen will start the DECLINE of the USA buying our own govt debt bonds. Remember when Obama/dems said they would NEVER buy our own debt bonds?? Well as usual; they LIED!

Watch our IRA's and 401(k)s take another hit but a much much larger one this time. They do not CARE; it's called taking what's YOURS and giving it to THEM!

Forget 'corporate' robbery. GOVERNMENT robbery is much much worse and severe.

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Mar-31-14 3:26 PM

Of course it will, and so isn't Governor Tomblin's teacher pay raises, the Governor's pay raise, the other govt workers under his administration's pay raises too. But hey, Democrats don't care about 'the working class people.' They keep proving this one over and over again.

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