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BOE members send wishes to retiring Phares

April 3, 2014

ELKINS — Randolph County Board of Education members offered their best wishes Wednesday to the retiring state superintendent of schools, Dr. James B. Phares....

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Apr-07-14 10:45 AM

The problem starts at the top and works itself down. The state board of education is not elected, they are appointed by the governor. None of the state BOE have any hands-on experience as teachers. The local super is also not elected but hired. If anything changes in our education system it has to start with the gov picking people who have experience and are not just vanity appointments to buddies. We need to put students first not political alliances.

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Apr-07-14 10:07 AM

Oh don't worry; they'll be replacing him with just another of the same. Haven't you noticed it doesn't really matter who takes over next in govt agencies/organizations? It's still all the same because they all have the same mentality of deceit and enriching themselves with more $$ and/or power. Check them out please BEFORE voting. People just keep putting same 'types' in office and expect things to go differently. How much longer before they figure this out? Like I said, until voters start getting smarter and thinking for themselves instead of voting only because the 'parties' say they should....well, don't expect any 'change.' OR expect WORSENING change like under current Obama administration. People forgot to ask, WHAT KIND OF CHANGE??????

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Apr-06-14 10:20 AM

Dr. Phares successfully lobbied for a levy that benefited all of the students of Randolph County. That was great. Then, he half-heartedly campaigned for a bond that didn't pass. In the meantime, (what I have heard), he spent that bond money before it was approved leaving Randolph Co. nearly $1 million in debt. It was not embezzled. It was spent on Randolph County schools. Even with the Mr. Jones asking where the money went, the BOE will not overtly disclose anything. Dr. Phares is still too powerful. I do know that he left the last county (Marion County?) also largely in debt. While Dr. Phares may be a good leader and administrator, he is a wanton over-spender with limited follow-through on his big ideas. The BOE employees who wish him well know that he will not disappear from WV. Who knows? Maybe he will come back to be superintendent again in Randolph Co.? Dr. Phares and Mr. George owe it to the people of Randolph County to explain where that money went. That is not going to happen.

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Apr-05-14 7:07 PM

Hypocrites! You let someone embezzle money from a private business and they get arrested, charged and sentenced to prison; but, let a crooked politician embezzle money and they get a 'Get out of jail' free card! But of course ONLY when it's a Democrat!!!

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Apr-05-14 7:05 PM

Isn't it funny how suddenly all these humongous amounts of money have come up missing lately with democrats in charge?

Governor Tomblin has yet to explain the 4 million missing during an audit of the Agriculture dept which 'supposedly' was missing prior to Helmick's entrance to the job. Either way, BOTH are democrats!!!

State dept is missing MILLIONS now too AFTER Secretary of State Hillary Clinton resigned and left. Come on Hill...where's the money???

Crooks & thieves! These dems sure are getting away with a lot of OUR money aren't they? QUICK; someone check FORT KNOX!!

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Apr-05-14 8:52 AM

I am new to this forum but know Phares and his methods. The support Phares has received mention are from those who benefited from his ways. Those who reap from his actions. The tax's Phares caused upon the citizens and residents of Randolph and other places he served continues to this day. What am I saying here? Look at the trails he has made while here. He left us with huge tax's (Levy). Only a few benefited. (BOE and County Officials). I read where a 12% raise was granted to same? I think students deserve a great education. I think all should be afforded college. I think taxpayers should enjoy low taxation. I think citizens should be treated fairly (assessments) & (rates) that are true! Thats my feelings!

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Apr-03-14 12:03 PM

Wishes?? ... sure thing ... the BOE "wishes" Phares would return and take the blame for that nearly $1,000,000.00 they can't find ...

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Apr-03-14 12:00 PM

Before he takes a powder ask him what happened to that million bucks, so Randolph County doesn't have to raise taxes to cover it!

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