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Country is facing many challenges

April 12, 2014

This letter is in response to two articles in a recent issue of The Inter-Mountain newspaper....

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Apr-22-14 3:29 PM

November's election will start the answer to our country's challenges/problems. Voters are ousting the problem-causers right now across the country as re-elections of some are taking place. Progressives in the democrat party are being FIRED! A good start!

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Apr-21-14 7:09 AM

Play, I have come up with a solution that would fix all our problems. Get rid of the Democrats in congress, and then boot Obama out. They are the ones who created most of this situation. Although, I know that not the solution you would like to hear. As Obama said, you can't keep the same people in office, using the same failed policies, and expect things to get better. So, out with them all, since they are the problem.

The problem won't go away if you, and your minions in Congress continue to blame everything on someone else, when they are the reason we are in this mess. Nothing will get better if people like you keep putting the same people back in office. Give someone else a change. What do you have to lose? They can't do any worse than the ones in there now.

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Apr-16-14 2:24 PM

Deceivers always....always LOSE!

Pretending to be what you aren't is so utterly childish it's no wonder the left tries this method of propaganda and twisted psychology. LOL. ONLY ones it's working on is their own party. So funny. Try something else conservativedad...'cause this isn't working for you.

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Apr-16-14 2:22 PM

LOL. Uh hate to inform you Conservativedad fake; everyone KNOWS you are anything BUT conservative. Doesn't take a genius to figure out by your own liberal talking points from the left and typical liberal hatred of anything or anyone disagreeing with you to understand that. However, it does take someone who can think for themselves, which leaves out all the lefties, which in return explains why they think you're so smart yet no one else does. LOL.

On another note; polls show Tennant LOSING badly against Capito. And polls show Liberal Wendy Davis, Texas LOSING badly among WOMEN. Guess the War on WOmen is really coming from the LEFT after all! LOLOL.

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Apr-16-14 12:14 AM

One solution would be by submitting to God. That would be my suggestion of a good first step in preventing our nation from extinction.

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Apr-16-14 12:08 AM

Solution: Continue complaining on obscure comment sections of a news website of which only a handful even read. That should fix all our problems right? (Sarcasm)

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Apr-15-14 4:50 PM

I agree playfare. The us and them game is what got us in this jam in the first place. This climate of no compromise is getting worse daily. Though Senator Manchin is a Democrat, I admire his ability to reach across the aisle for commonsense solutions.

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Apr-15-14 4:26 PM

Hmmmmm Just as I thought. Can't come up with real solutions, so you do what you seem to do best. Character bash. That's okay. Your useless jabber is just that. Blah, Blah, Blah.....

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Apr-15-14 11:51 AM

BIggest problem is Obamacare!

The Broken Window Theory of Obamacare:

Pretend the government started selling car windows and then mandated everyone own government-approved car windows.

Then, government employees come to punch out your car window.

Bam! The government declares its new window business a huge success!

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Apr-15-14 11:27 AM

The party of democrats can't handle the job!

November: Vote for conservatives who CAN!

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Apr-15-14 11:25 AM

Playfare, instead of blaming others why don't you and the democrats in office running things now DO something instead of blaming others?

Go play with the other kiddies now. lol

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Apr-15-14 11:24 AM

Wouldn't it be nice since DEMOCRATS have been in control of everything for 5 years now if THEY would just do their jobs and then conservatives wouldn't have to reprimand them constantly that it's THEIR JOB NOW to do it?

Challenge is NOT in a liberals vocabulary. They cannot handle the jobs they received. That's apparent now. THus, the country continues to spiral DOWNWARD into oppression, taxation, joblessness, homelessness, etc...until November when we get rid of the unqualified, overpaid children that voters mistakenly put there 5 years ago or more.

Play has seen the polls of democrats and it's not good for them. People vote on the ECONOMY.......and Obama/Dems Economy is nonexistent.

As Bill Clinton once stated: ITS THE ECONOMY STUPID!

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Apr-15-14 11:20 AM

Playfare (no you dont); oh the (yahwn..) boring constant democrat blame game again. Uh, get a life...or at least an education. You can't converse with stupid answers of 'blame someone else' for every question, problem in life.

Boring... and not knowledgeable enough for this conversation play...find another playground where the little kiddies play; it's more your speed of conversation.

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Apr-14-14 9:37 PM

Playfair, why don't you stop playing the left's game of diverting blame? Of course you don't want anyone to point fingers, because then, the people knows whose responsible. The left loves to divert, distract and avoid. You are guilty of it right now.

You can't dispute what I've said, so you would rather change the subject than deal with who's really the blame for the mess this country is in. Well, I'm not going to let you do that. In short, the left has backed themselves into a corner, and they're losing support everyday. You and yours didn't back off when you were jabbing conservatives in the eye over abortion, climate change and gay marriage, so don't expect special treatment how that your buddies are losing their grip on the throats of honest, hard working Americans. It just isn't going to happen. Your party is on the run and we will not stop until they are driven right out of office.

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Apr-14-14 6:01 PM

Top Gun and others, instead of finger pointing why don't you expend that energy into coming up with a reasonable solution or even and idea how to better things....blame game gets you nowhere and questions your intelligence......

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Apr-12-14 5:07 PM

ANY silent leader in DC/Charleston WV not speaking out about what's being done to our nation deserves NO seat in congress. We elected cowards. Their only passion is what helps 'themselves.' They care nothing about the country or its people. Self-serving, arrogant children are in office in both parties. Citizens are going to change all that in November. We've heard and seen enough from these unworthy legislators. Everything changes then. Fortunately most of these corrupt leaders' secret dealings, corrupt doings are coming out in the open and that is a good thing for the people. They think they're wicked deeds will stay hidden forever. They always come out eventually and now they are and a lot of these wicked men/women are losing elections. Good! Voters will get the rest of them at polls in November.

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Apr-12-14 2:20 PM

You are right. Our country is facing many issues. Sadly, most of them were manufactured by the left for one specific reason, to bring our great nation to her knees. Their goal is to step on every right we have, including our basic right to protect our families and homes. One thing we must never forget is the evil that drives the left. I've often been asked if I view all Democrats as evil since most of the evil people in government are registered Democrats. I used to think there were good Democrats in government, but these days I can see nothing that would set one apart from the other.

If there are some decent Democrats in government, why are they remaining silent? Why are they sitting by and allowing the destruction of their own country? Are they scared? Have them been threatened and intimidated to the point they have no voice, or are all of them of one mind? Are you any less evil than those who do Satan's bidding if you sit idly by and do nothing?

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Apr-12-14 2:19 PM

Our pastor, a veteran of the Korean War often says, "A coward dies a thousand deaths, but a brave man dies but once." Where are all the brave men in our government? Where are all the brave men in this country? Why do good people keep re-electing the same people who work to destroy our freedoms? For the party's sake? If that's the reason, then you're one pathetic individual.

Anyone who puts a political party ahead of their country's wellbeing deserves to live under communist rule.

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