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What race preferences hide

April 29, 2014

Sonia Sotomayor is a wonderful role model. Truly....

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May-05-14 9:01 AM

She's just another ignorant arrogant "holier than thou" liberal follower who believes she has the right to tell everyone else how they should think and what they can do. Unintelligent left can't become successful in life on their own merits; therefore people this stupid always must try to become 'whittle dictators' to others. They are losing big time. November throws these stupid little children out of office and then the intelligent people can lead again and we can rid ourselves of such ignorant people like Sotomayor with small minds who bully, intimidate and look down their noses at everyone else who doesn't 'agree' with their insane ideology.

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May-02-14 12:05 PM

"our freedoms"

Obama really needs to step up and protect those freedom loving Nevadans from the grips of those militia terrorists who have taken people hostage with checkpoints. Oh wait, those are state and local roads. That would be the job of terrorist sympathizer Nevada Governor Sandoval. Why does anyone support this man who takes away freedom? Must be one of those teabaggers loons.

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May-02-14 8:39 AM

There is NO justice with this woman. Extreme leftist that only the leftists worship as she will do their bidding on everything immoral, unjust and well, liberal/socialist! Tows the line of socialist democrats' ideology.

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May-02-14 6:54 AM

Sotomayor was chosen to offset the radical extremists who refuse to move our country to a "more perfect union"

Desperation shows when one has to invent a new race. Latina is an ethnicity, much like say Irish, German, etc. It's roots go deeply back to European origins.

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May-01-14 5:50 PM

Sotomayor, huh? You mean the racist who said, "I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life."

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May-01-14 6:19 AM

Please, give me a break. Sotomayor is a liberal dirtbag residing in Obama's hip pocket. Obama installed her in the USSC as a way of offsetting the conservativeness of the court, and as a way to steal our constitutional rights. She hasn't made an intelligent decision since she has been in office. She's nothing more than a parrot for Obama's unconstitutional attacks on our freedoms.

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