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Obama focuses on legacy

May 10, 2014

Unemployment figures have given President Barack Obama a boost domestically. After inheriting a jobless rate hovering at 10 percent or better, his policies have gradually taken it down to 6.3 percent....

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May-15-14 3:19 PM

cundgulag....didn't think you could 'defend' Obama on anything. No one can. Democrats in congress have even given up trying anymore. Obama and his cronies are bullies, who cannot do anything honestly, reasonably, lawfully or intelligently. His days of arrogance and power hungry loving days are about to end and the dems paying a big price for letting him lead them around for 5 years by the nose rings, strutting arrogantly, acting like little dictators in a nation of freedom loving citizens who we warned them would NEVER tolerate it. NOW, they're paying the price; "at the polls!" God Bless America. I LOVE my country...govt? Not so much!

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May-15-14 3:16 PM

Obama's legacy: Highest gas prices. Highest unemployment. Highest number of welfare recipients. Obama so loved the poor; he created millions more!

His legacy: Allowed 4 Americans to be murdered by muslim terrorists while he and his incompetent handpicked state dept & Hillary, the Sec. of state did NOTHING but even went as far as to 'fake' the reason and PREVENTED any Seals from going to help them. Some legacy!

Obama's handpicked DOJ Eric Holder...refuses to uphold the laws of the land. Shows those who oppose this administration ZERO justice. Shows bias, uses intimidation, bully tactics and discrimination and racist acts to go after anyone opposing their actions or rather inactions on lawbreakers.

Obama's BLM kills a citizens' cattle...just to attempt to bully citizens into 'compliance' with their attempt to use a power the laws do NOT give them. Union thugs pushing businesses around who won't comply with their whittle cowardly wishes.

History will NOT be kind. TRUTH is co

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May-11-14 10:39 PM

Why are you lying?

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May-10-14 8:16 AM

I must say, you add a whole new meaning to the old saying, "There's no fool, like an old fool." Obama has his legacy, and it's not low unemployment numbers. Like everything else this man sends to the media, his unemployment numbers are a lie as well. Considering the fact that more than 12 million people lost their extended unemployment benefits when congress failed to renew the program, he also left out the others who lost their benefits before the program kicked in.

This state alone shows his numbers are a lie. The oil and gas industry is the major support base for our economy. Obama has his legacy, and it's rooted in lies, deceptions and constant breeches of the constitution. Since you are part of the propaganda machine Obama likes so well, no one expects you to present anything other than more of Obama's lies and half-truths. Enjoy the ride because it's about over.

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