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Get out and Vote Each ballot cast makes a difference

May 13, 2014

With today being Election Day, the freedom — and civic duty — to cast one’s vote should remind us all how fortunate we are as Americans....

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May-19-14 2:14 PM

Elkins is an old school Democrat. Never question, never challenge, just do as dear old dad did and vote Democrat. We have a state full of idiots that do just that, and expect things to improve. He spouts the same ilk as the left, the GOP screws the elderly, the poor and keeps minimum wage low, not even realizing it is his party that puts the shaft to everyone. Higher minimum wage only creates higher prices at the register when manufacturers and storekeepers raise their prices to compensate the differential in wages. In the end, the average worker ends up deeper in the hole and everything they purchase goes up right along with the wages.

Don't be stupid like Elkins. He blames the GOP for everything. However, if you take a look at past administrations, the Democrats have pretty much had control of the whole ball of wax. Wake up Elkins. The buck stops at the DNC and their band of merry thieves in the Obama administration. Stupidity must be inherited because there's so much of it around

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May-16-14 1:09 PM

it's sad that some people still live back in the stone ages where no one had any rights and only old white men ruled everything I'm so glad the world has changed thank god for progress good for us bad for the Good old boys.......Note to Truth the 1950's are over people have rights now a days

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May-15-14 3:06 PM

Hey elkins...have you liberals contacted your unhappy thoughts that your minimum wage didn't pass by the democrats in WV?

Govenor Tomblin...a DEMOCRAT; Manchin, a DEMOCRAT, majority of them in WV are DEMOCRATS. If you're unhappy with them; vote conservative. It's okay. Pull yourself up by the bootstraps and act like an's really embarassing to watch adults whine constantly. Even little babies eventually grow out of that stage you lefties are still in.

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May-15-14 3:04 PM

I'm sure elkins and other unthinking brain dead liberals will be silent if they get the minimum wage raised and their food prices, utility prices, clothing prices go skyrocketing too so that it is as if they never received a minimum wage hike to begin with.

Liberals minds don't mature enough to 'comprehend' how things work in the real world; they live in fantasy land, spending their days daydreaming of a land where everything they wish for comes true. I bet they each have their very own 'genie lamp' and rub that thing daily.

"A mind is a terrible thing to waste." Then again, liberals are great wasters....of time, money, etc...

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May-15-14 7:32 AM

I'm sure the GOP will take care of us all by keeping the min wage down and screwing the poor and elderly as long as you keep taxes low for the rich so they can trickle it down to the rest of us give me a break!!! Blah Blah main stream media , are you people serious according to the Fox news folks they are #1 so how can it be the poor main stream media have any influence on anybody quit crying.

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May-14-14 6:30 AM

You'll never hear Rockefeller or any other democrat whose spent way too long in our govt in WV as to WHY nothing's changed for the better in a state where they've controlled, made worthless promises and stayed for nearly 50 years. Rockefeller every re-election promised jobs jobs jobs.......gave us minimum wage jobs that you cannot support your family on; raised more taxes to keep you in your constant below-poverty line situation and promised again his next re-election to help you. When dems say they'll help you........RUN don't walk to nearest polling place & SHOW them how fed up you are with all the lies and deceit. WV needs a change and it starts with firing all the incumbents!

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May-14-14 6:25 AM

Well how sweet of the BIASED political INTERMOUNTAIN to join in with the WH and Harry Reid's insanity to mention Koch brothers in their political article on results of senate race in WV's primary.

Didn't think the public would notice? OUR advantage is that ignorant arrogant biased media propagandists don't think we're that intelligent to pick up on their very transparent attempts to tell us how to vote. In the truthful and honest reporting category...liberal media is losing listeners and readers! Keep it up; someone else will be running our news media one day; people with honesty and competence!!!

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May-13-14 6:46 AM

Yes, please get out and vote, and remember this. If it's a Democrat running, choose someone else, unless you like having your Constitutional freedoms taken, your utility bills rising, massive unemployment, your taxes rising and Obama spying on you. Remember this, the economic downfall was completely Obama's doing and if that isn't enough to convince you, take a look at the national debt. It's well on its way to $18 trillion. It stands at $17.518 trillion right now. Your kids, their kids and their kid's kids will never pay it out. Their children will be born owing the government $100,000 dollars or more, and you can thank the Democrats for that as well.

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