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New Battle

EPA continues war on coal

June 2, 2014

New Environmental Protection Agency rules will drive the cost of electricity up 4 percent this year and an additional 13 percent by 2020, the U.S. Energy Department said last week....

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Jun-05-14 10:00 AM

The one factor that makes me happy is the fact that these environmental morons who have been pushing for stricter, unnecessary restrictions on coal will be forced to pay the same overinflated utility rates as everyone else. The down side is all the elderly people on fixed incomes who can't afford what they're paying now. It will lead to more elderly people going without the necessities to pay the robber-barons their extortion money. The only thing that would put everyone on equal footing is another depression like we had after the 1929 stock market crash. Apparently we learned nothing from the 1st one. We have less than a month before the new currency laws take affect. Once that happens, it's all down hill from there. We'll see an avalanche of new business closings.

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Jun-03-14 3:04 PM

Democrats have argued for the past few years that voter ID laws are being used by Republicans to create obstacles to voting by minorities, the elderly and others.

But on Monday, the Obama administration said it would require anyone who wants to attend critical environmental hearings later this summer to show a photo ID. The rule raises the question of whether everyone will have a fair shot of attending these hearings, which have the potential to shape environmental policy for the next few decades.

What do you have to say to that double-standard Intermountain?? No comment I guess.


After liberal cries of conservatives wanting to PREVENT some people from voting with Voter ID...I've noticed ALL major issues that will result in POOR people paying MORE in utility rates, healthcare, democrats....REQUIRE PHOTO ID to get in!

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Jun-03-14 2:41 PM

Oh my...guess what? Finally, something Obama promised in 2009 that liberals can really gloat about because it's the ONLY thing he promised that will actually happen; QUADRUPLE utility rates...****pliments of Obama and Democrats!

Good riddance liberals. You've destroyed not only our jobs, healthcare, paychecks, country...but also your ever getting back in office for at least a century!!!

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Jun-03-14 1:41 AM

I've been warning these idiot liberals for the last three years that this was coming, and they laughed and called me a liar. Now, the pigeons are coming to roost, and suddenly, I don't see them laughing any more. The shoe is on the other foot now that Obama is getting in their pocket. Wait until gasoline goes to $7 a gallon. The we'll see them cry some more. The media is just as stupid as the average voter who just had to have this moron as our president. When the whole country is sitting on their ass without a job, then these blind lemmings will realize what they did.

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Jun-02-14 12:27 PM

OBAMA is responsible for this. HE 'promised' in 2009 that he could "necessarily QUADRUPLE our utility rates under his own Cap & Trade EPA rules!"

Nice try biased dishonest media, once again to try and lay blame elsewhere.

Just one more HARMFUL idiotic agenda from the TYRANTS in the WH administration!

WHY not report on Obama/Eric Holder's other 'secret' now out in the open, harmful tyrannical's called OPERATION CHOKE POINT.

Dishonest media is so stupid, the average citizen must give them NEWS FIRST!

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