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Big Mess Medicaid now a huge drain

June 3, 2014

Taxpayers’ hackles ought to go up every time they hear politicians pledging some new program “won’t cost us anything....

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Jun-08-14 8:25 PM

FRAUD in all govt costs more on taxpayers' backs than anything. Govt workers are the most inept workers anywhere. No one seems to care how fraud runs rampant in the IRS or social security... or medicare or medicaid. And they seem to think the american taxpayer has 'unlimited' funds to pay into these programs so democrats can 'buy' elections by 'promising' everyone freebies and giving OUR tax dollars away to ILLEGAL ALIENS through welfare, food stamps, healthcare, etc.

Once democrats are voted out of office; this STEALING of our tax dollars for their personal projects is going to STOP ASAP!

It was democrats who voted 'against' a lockbox on our social security; it was DEMOCRATS who decided to put it into the 'general fund' to be used by these LEECHES as they wished. It's called EMBEZZLING when this move is done in a private business; but democrats can steal our money and serve no time for it. The day of reckoning is coming in November. Leave NO democrat in office.

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Jun-03-14 3:03 PM

Democrats have argued for the past few years that voter ID laws are being used by Republicans to create obstacles to voting by minorities, the elderly and others.

But on Monday, the Obama administration said it would require anyone who wants to attend critical environmental hearings later this summer to show a photo ID. The rule raises the question of whether everyone will have a fair shot of attending these hearings, which have the potential to shape environmental policy for the next few decades.

What do you have to say to that double-standard Intermountain?? No comment I guess.


After liberal cries of conservatives wanting to PREVENT some people from voting with Voter ID...I've noticed ALL major issues that will result in POOR people paying MORE in utility rates, healthcare, democrats....REQUIRE PHOTO ID to get in!

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Jun-03-14 2:38 PM

FYI: Yeah, govt programs do tend to become one big DRAIN on taxpayers when liberal ignorant presidents start giving entitlements to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, lazy healthy people who just want a free ride, and INCOMPETENT govt workers allow FRAUD & ABUSE of the system.

Govt is not and has never been capable of running ANYTHING successfully.

Postal service? Need I say more? VA hospitals? Really...must I say it? Social security? Only problem was democrats decided THEY wanted to use OUR money for other things! Medicare? Govt STILL can't 'prevent' fraud! I mean look at the WH administration. Fraud begats fraud!

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Jun-03-14 2:34 PM

Oh my; did the liberal media finally wake up? You mean lefty politicians LIED????

Had media been really doing their job; they would have 'investigated, asked 'pertinent' questions of liberal politicians/lawmakers, and would have known this and announced it in articles to their public. But they pretend they were clueless because they've been the left's mouthpiece for so long....they actually started believing their own propaganda!!!

I think we're not at all 'shocked' that the leftists LIED to us!! At what moment did you all realize it? I give a thumbs up to your 'finally eventually waking up out of your comas.'

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