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The Reason for the Season

December 28, 2007
By The Rev. Robert L. Baer Sr., Beverly United Methodist Church
We have celebrated another Christmas with family gatherings, gift exchanging and lots of food.

Now we begin our walk toward the New Year with promises of diets and resolutions hoping to make our lives better and possibly touch another in the process. In the blessings of our special joys, we sometimes tend to forget those who are suffering. I have two friends who are painfully loosing the battle for life with families who are just praying for the hand of God to just touch them with understanding and relief from that pain. We sometimes don’t understand how with so much happiness in a season there can be so much sorrow.

The birth of the Christ child must be a time of celebration, for without that birth we would have no understanding of the pain of death. Christ took us from a time believing only in the pits of hell to the realization that a better world awaits all who will only believe.

The Reason For The Season is in the birth, life and death of this special baby that God sent to change the world bringing with it the forgiveness we need to leave this world with joy instead of fear. Jesus was born for the soul purpose of the salvation of our very soul. This was not just another baby being born into a world of pain and sorrow, but a light that has shown in the world from the day of his birth on everyone who isn’t blind to this light.

When the light of Christ is allowed into our lives, the love of Christ comes with that light. The only purpose for that light was to guide us into salvation through forgiveness.

At the birth of Jesus, the angels sang “Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace and good will toward man.” Through his life upon this earth, Jesus opened the door into Heaven with his good news of forgiveness and love leading to his death on a cross for our sins. It didn’t end there because the final step was his resurrection from death into life eternal.

We celebrate the death of Jesus on Good Friday and the joy once again of his rebirth on Easter. The only purpose for all the pain and suffering Jesus endured was to open our eyes to the light of heaven and eternal life that awaits all.

The Reason For The Season was and is for our salvation from sin to life eternal where pain and suffering don’t exist. The Reason For The Season is you and me.

I asked my friend, Earl, if he had been baptized, and he grinned telling me he was baptized in the boat hole. I knew why he grinned because I had done a baptism in that boat hole and I can still remember the chill of the water to this day. The important thing is that he allowed God to wash away his sins and although we sin daily by thought, word and deed, he became a part of the earthly kingdom of God through that baptism allowing for daily forgiveness of those sins. If he will just hold on to that baptism, he can leave this world with the promise that God will welcome him into a new life of eternal joy.

We are all given that promise. All the pain of leaving this world will be replaced with joy unspeakable that comes through Jesus Christ and that is the Reason For The Season. The light of Christ is seen in Christmas lights around the world celebrating this birth. So, accept this gift as what it is, a present from God, a gift of love and forgiveness allowing Jesus to take the heavy burden of fear and death replacing it with a new birthday into his kingdom.

If we have learned nothing else from the season, just remember that the same Jesus who we celebrate on Christmas is the same Jesus waiting to take us home when we leave this world. Have faith, love one another and forgive one another as Jesus has forgiven us, and then you will know the real Reason For The Season.

The best gift of all this season is the gift of love. May the blessings of the season be with you in the New Year.

(Editor’s Note: The opinions of this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Inter-Mountain, the Randolph County Ministerial Association or the author’s church affiliation.)



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