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Randolph Community Arts Center Celebrates Youth Art Month

March 27, 2008
The fifth annual Randolph County Student Art Exhibit and third annual Musical Showcase kicked off the start of Youth Art Month at the Randolph County Community Arts Center on March 8. These annual events are sponsored by the Snowshoe Foundation and the Randolph County Community Arts Center.

Youth Art Month is a national celebration of student art that began in 1961 and is observed each March to emphasize the value of art and art education for all children and to encourage public support for quality school art programs.

“We had tremendous participation from the Randolph County Schools this year,” RCCAC Executive Director Beth King said. “Work is on display from the youngest RCCAC artist of 15 months all the way through high school seniors. The exhibit completely fills the Great Hall walls and it absolutely beautiful.”

During the opening reception on March 8, more than 425 members of the community visited the exhibit, which includes 275 works of art by students at Coalton Elementary School, Elkins High School, George Ward Elementary School, Harman School, Homestead Elementary School, North Elementary School, Pickens School, Third Ward Elementary School, Tygarts Valley High School and Valley Head Elementary School as well as students at the Randolph County Community Arts Center. The exhibit is open Mondays through Fridays from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. through April 7.

Coalton Elementary School students who have work in the exhibit include Tyler Alestra, Meadow Arbogast, Hailie Arnold, Presley Bates, Madison Bowers, Savannah Carr, Jamen Dudley, Kayley Gerlach, Jessica Gibson, Nick Lemons, Ethan Miller, Shelby Netken, Haylee Patrice, Noah Rowan, Trevor Skinner, Bridgette Spencer, Austin Storey, Alexis Voluntir, Abigale Williams, and Natalie Woolford. ArtsBank artist Virginia Hicks is the art teacher at Coalton Elementary School.

Elkins High School students who have work in the exhibit include Rose Bell, Natasha Carr, Ashli Cheshire, Josh Collins, Ashley DeMotto, Christopher Fortney, Lauren Johnston, Sharle Jones, Whitney Lambert, Ruby Lin, Josh Lonergan, Brittney Miller, Jessica Nelan, Ayla Posey, Christopher Postlehwait, Samantha Straghan, and Natasha Turner. Marilyn Lowe is the art teacher at Elkins High School.

George Ward Elementary School students who have work in the exhibit include Kymberly Bachman, Samantha Decker, Audrie Fox, Mitchel Harper, Abigail Lanham, Alice Linger, Haley Scott, Ryan Snyder, Caitlyn Swecker, Kristen White, and Erica Woods. ArtsBank artist Heidi Thompson is the art teacher at George Ward Elementary School.

Harman School students who have work in the exhibit include Montana Armentrout, Kory Bishop, Chelsea Bonner, Ethan Fortney, Conner Gill, Dylan Hinton, Cassie McFarlan, Brittany Peacock, Paige Plotts, Shane Turner, and Brooke Whitacre. Kathy Madden is the art teacher at Harman School.

Homestead Elementary School students who have work in the exhibit include Shane Brown, Zion Bruce, Ashley Cunningham, Tony Davis, Ivy Dilley, Austin Ford, Kaylee Haney, Ava Holt, Sarah Johnson, Shasta McCauley, Courtney McGee, David Ratzer, Ashley Scott, Wade Staten, and Anneliese Wiseman. ArtsBank artist Virginia Hicks is the art teacher at Homestead Elementary School.

North Elementary School students who have work in the exhibit include Abbie Arbogast, Dakota Boggs, Beau Bright, Grace Caldwell, Cassie Diaz, Valerie Fortney, Dalton Hamrick, Dylan Kittle, Mackenzie McSpadden, Summer Parks, Cassie Poland, Dylan Reckart, and Kiona See. Rachnee Henrie is the art teacher at North Elementary School. Classroom teacher Susan Evick collected and matted the works.

Pickens School students who have work in the exhibit include Dylan Booth, Michael Bryson, Luciano Casillas, Michael Casillas, Caroline Chandler, Cierra Kelly, Lara Lahman, Glen Lewis, Michaela Long, Hannah Parsons, Morgan Rice, and Angie Scott. ArtsBank artist Virginia Hicks is the art teacher at Pickens School.

Third Ward Elementary School students who have work in the exhibit include Alexis Armstrong, Kayleb Band, Brendan Cain, Katrina Carpenter, Chase Corcoran, Hunter Corcoran, Holly Dickson, Abby Harman, Brant Hyre, Jared Kerns, Walter King, Madi McDaniel, Aron Moss, Nick Nelson, Jacob Nicholson, Cadie Phillips, Harley Phillips, Kelci Sublett, Cori Tallman, Rogala Tyler, and Michael Watson. Beth King is the volunteer art teacher for Karen White's fourth grade.

Valley Head Elementary School students who have work in the exhibit include Brianna Beverage, Joshua Fortney, Nathan Haney, Justin Howell, Kiona Lenhart, Katie Lindsay, Crystal Mallow, Leila Matthew, Johanna Riggleman, Haley Sharp, Destiny Swecker, Jenna Swecker, and David Welch. Heidi Thompson is the ArtsBank teacher at Valley Head Elementary School

Tygarts Valley Middle and High School students who have work in the exhibit include Rivianna Kyle, Allison Licwov, Megan McGee, Shawnna Mullennax, and Erika Pingley. Ella Haddix is the art teacher at Tygarts Valley Middle and High School

Randolph County Community Arts Center students who have work in the exhibit include Kaitlyn Barkley, Devan Collins, Kate Collins, Julia Fregonara, Matthew Harman, Natalie Josimovich, Walter King, Katie Mattingly, Tucker Price, Jaden Reams, Kyrsten Spencer, Taylor Stump, Nevada Tribble, Riley Tribble, Lucas Anger, Morgan Barkley, Skylee Brown, Trinity Brown, Evan Chapman, Ned Chapman, Jasper Clark, Mason Clark, Hannah Daniels, Ashlee Durgin, Bella Durgin, Colin Durgin, Dominic Durgin, Sophia Gillispie, Naden Gouavenour, Jacob Harris, Brodie Healey, Georgianna Henderson, Christian Hicks, Emma Hicks, Lily Hicks, Leanna High, Orrin Jones, Sarah Mattingly, Cora McKean, Willa McWhorter, Kaia Miller, Evan Morici, Logan Phillips, Macy Reckart, Marla Roberts, Samuel Roberts, Daniel Rubianto, Katie Siewny, Kimmy Siewny, Lauren Spears, Katarina Stollsteimer, Stephan Tenney, Daniel Toney, George Triplett, Sofia Triplett, and Matthew Voge. These students were taught by RCCAC art teachers Marge Moses, Joan Kefover, Beth King, Kate Weber, Susan Pell, Alison Siewny, Bill McWhorter, Maggi Rhudy, Heidi Thompson and Virginia Hicks.

The third annual Musical Showcase followed the art opening on March 8. More than 350 guests braved the snow and cold to enjoy performances by the Coalton Elementary School Choir, the Elkins High School Jazz Combo, the Elkins High School Encores, the Elkins Middle School Band, the Homestead Elementary School Choir and the Jennings Randolph Elementary School Choir. Each school presented two to three selections showcasing the talents of their school. “The diversity of the work performed in our county was very impressive,” King said. “We have very talented students as well as art and music teachers in Randolph County.”

Performing members of the Elkins Middle School Band, under the direction of Jason Baker, included Brad Bailey, Marcus Bowman, Rachel Burky, Bryn Cooper, Cassie Ferguson, Renee Ferrese, Alesa Foster, Emily Haddix, Jayson Hamrick, Matt Harmon, Katie Harris, Joey Hochgesang, Maggie Jones, Natalie Josimovich, Elizabeth Kelley, Charles Markley, T.R. Norwood, Mike Phillips, Tim Riddle, Karl Smakula, Brett Smith, Peyton Teets, Sean Tyre, Aaron Wetsch and Matt Wilson.

Performing members of Third Ward Elementary School Choir, under the direction of Scott Green, included Tiffany Armentrout, Kayleb Band, Elizabeth Burgess, Brendan Cain, Katrina Carpenter, Chase Corcoran, Hunter Corcoran, Trey Corcoran, Sam Curnutte, Kayla Davis, Olivia DeVille, Hayden Edinger, Alexis Hamrick, Abby Harman, Kiana Hartman, Monica Herndon, Alicia Huffman, Dale Jackson, Brianna Johnson, Walter King, Katie Mattingly, Linsey McCollum, Madisyn McDaniel, Katelyn Miller, Aron Moss, Nicholas Nelson, Cadie Phillips, Harley Phillips, Cassandra Plishka, Ashley Pudder, Hayla Ramey, Hannah Roberts, Lindsay Roy, Cori Tallman, Stephan Tenney, Nevada Tribble, Michael Watson, Kristin White and Emma Yokum.

Performing members of Elkins High School Encores, under the direction of Lisa Caplinger, included Jenna Biller, Lauren Birk, Danielle Broschart, Kathryn Coontz, Kayetlyn Edinger, Taylor Gillespie, Maggie Jones, Ruby Lin, Emily Phares, Erica Pifer, Jescharelle Reams, Courtney Shears, Cassie Valentine, Chelesi White and Heather Wilson.

Performing members of Jennings Elementary School Choir, under the direction of Liz Marshall, included Macy Amos, Ivy Arbogast, Logan Ariola, Catherine Brake, Timothy Childers, Maggie Conteras, Christain Currence, Lauren Digman, Sommer Dilly, Haley Gordon, Jerica Haney, Brooke Hinzeman, Karli Hopwood, Megan Huffnagel, Kera Jay, Shayla Koerner, Megan Lewis, Marcus Light, Chase Lothes, Lauren Mahoney, Keylee Malcolm, Shasta McCauley, Emma McDougal, Emily Morgan, Taylor Pingley, Taylor Randall, Gabby Rayfield, Donald Rowan, Victoria Runer, Noe Skaggs, Destiny St Clair, Haley Teter, Megan Ware, Emily White, Anne Wilson and Elaine Woodford.

Choir members of Coalton Elementary School and Homestead Elementary School performed together. Coalton School members included Logan Dudley, Daphne Hathaway, Hannah Jones, Tara Marsteller, Taylor Miller, Alexis Noel, Destiny Noel, Maddison Simmons, Shalina Simmons, Miranda Smith, Bridgette Spencer, and Elizabeth Zirkle. Homestead members included Ashley Arbogast, Brittany Arbogast, Tristan Arbogast, Christy Armstrong, Hailey Booth, Sarah Borossky, Sierra Buckely, Ashley Cunningham, Hannah Currence, Cheyenne Decker, Sydney Depp, Mary Dove, Brandon Grimes, Kaylee Haney, Makayla Harris, Steven Hight, Jace Kyle, Bryce Lambert, Casey Martel, Shasta McCauley, Jarred McCrary, Caitlin Murphy, Tasha Ott, David Ratzer, Bobby Sayer, Scott Tacey, AJ Tenney, Joey Trammel, Jared Wegman, Hannah Williams, Ridgeley Williams, Dylan Wilson and Tyler Woods.

Members of the Elkins High School Jazz Combo included Jeff Caplinger, Drew Compton, Ian Edinger, Josh Ferguson, Shawn Fisher, Caleb Karriker, and Eli McWhorter.



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