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Wegmans Planning For 50th Reunion

April 26, 2008
The 2008 annual Wegman family reunion will be the 50th and all family members are encouraged to attend.

The first annual Wegman family reunion was hosted on a Sunday in August of 1959. It was the result of several Wegman family members and relatives getting together and visiting local Wegman clans and contacting Wegman family members who were in other areas of the United States. After getting enough interest in having a reunion, it was hosted at Gardeneer Fire Tower near Durbin.

Those responsible for canvassing the Wegmans to initiate the first reunion were Adolph “Douf” Wegman; Richard Wegman, Douf’s son; Conrad Wegman; Fannie Wegman Barrickman; Tom Barrickman, Fannie’s husband; Sib Barrickman, Fannie’s son; and Jessie Barrickman, Sib’s wife. The only one of these people still alive is Jessie Barrickman.

The reunions have been hosted in various places including Gardeneer, the original Wegman Park in Adolph, which no longer exists, Dailey, Alpine Shores and Stuart Park, all near Elkins. The reunions, which were initially hosted on Sundays, were changed at some point to Saturdays to make it easier for Wegman family members who had to leave on Sunday to return to their homes in other areas.

In 1984, Sib Barrickman donated a piece of land to the Wegmans for a permanent place for future reunions. This piece of land is located near the original Wegman family home place.

From August 1984 through August 1986, much work was done to clear land, build a decent bridge over the creek, build a pavilion, create a parking area and provide for various activities. On Aug. 9, 1986, the 28th annual Wegman reunion became the first hosted at Wegman Park and in the Sib Barrickman Pavilion. All the work was done by many Wegman family members and friends.

Since 1986, it has been an ongoing job to keep Wegman Park and the Sib Barrickman Pavilion operating. Richard “Dick” Wegman of Adolph continues to keep the reunion running and Wegman Park and Pavilion in good shape.

This year’s reunion will begin at noon on Aug. 9 at Wegman Park in Adolph. Organizers are asking attendees to bring a covered dish and drinks and prepare to have a fun time.



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