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Drinking Alcohol and Hunting Definitely Don’t Mix

September 18, 2008
The Inter-Mountain

For The Inter-Mountain

I have often heard it said in advisory-type commercials on radio and television, in an effort to discourage people from driving under the influence that alcohol and gasoline don’t mix. It should also be said that alcohol and gunpowder don’t mix in an effort to discourage people from hunting under the influence.
Several years ago, I was talking to a well-known and respected conservation officer in Randolph County about this subject. The officer quickly informed me that when he saw someone hunting under the influence or taking a sip of an alcoholic beverage while hunting they would get arrested on the spot and taken in.
This is the way it should be because these people are a danger to other hunters and themselves. They are also giving sport hunting a bad name. 
I consider the people who want to hunt with a gun in one hand and a bottle in the other the worst of all the “slob hunters.” Any person who insists on doing this should be treated the same as someone who is driving under the influence, and this is the way it is done in some states. They should also have their hunting privileges revoked for a period of years.
I remember grocery shoppers telling me the weekend before deer gun season opens they would see dozens of hunters buying large quantities of beer and other alcoholic beverages to take to their hunting camps or wherever they were staying.  When non-hunters see this, it really doesn’t look good.
Today, too many non-hunters have the idea that deer hunting is a barbaric sport, associated with beer guzzling rednecks shooting the deer from pickup trucks.  The movement to abolish all sport hunting is definitely using this as a good reason to promote their cause. Right now may be a good time for all hunters to stop this activity and clean up the rest of their act.
Deer buck gun season opens Nov. 24. 
I would like to wish everyone who goes after that big buck the best of luck, but do your drinking at another place and time.   



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