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Hunters and Shooters Are Not Hard to Please

December 13, 2008
By KENNETH COBB, For The Inter-Mountain

The Christmas season is upon us, and these are a few ideas for the outdoor lovers in our lives.

Many families are experiencing a financial squeeze this holiday season. Just about all retail and discount store chains are bracing for a big decline in holiday sales.

Outdoor enthusiasts however may be the easiest or least expensive type of people to please when it comes to this Christmas season. I have always enjoyed getting a packet of cold weather socks, long john underwear and heavy gloves.

Such items make nice Christmas gifts. Other inexpensive ideas for the hunting and fishing enthusiast include fanny packs, hunting caps, blaze orange vests, pocketknives and low-priced fishing accessories such as hooks, lures, sinkers, power bait, etc.

For someone who may want to spend some cash for that special someone, such things as a quality hunting knife, game calls, flannel shirts or a subscription to an outdoors magazine make excellent gifts. The list of items that make good Christmas gifts for the outdoors lover is almost endless.

Years ago when I worked in the lab at Memorial General Hospital, the lab technicians would often go together and get the two chief technicians a hunting and fishing license for the upcoming year. This also makes a nice Christmas gift.

Ammunition is not a flashy or high-tech gift, but every person who likes to gun hunt or target shoot needs it.

Any shooter who reloads his or her own ammunition will always be in need of reloading components such as bullets, cases, primers and powder. Paper targets are another shooting accessory that often is overlooked. A pack of targets at any discount store is inexpensive and people who enjoy target shooting will put this to good use.

Firearm cleaning supplies are another item to give serious consideration.

Every shooter will need to clean their weapons at some time, and here is a usable commodity that has to be replenished periodically.

Eye and ear protection is a necessity when it comes to target shooting.

It does not have to be an expensive or complex pair of shooting glasses or earmuffs. Just make sure the equipment is designed for shooting so it will give the adequate amount of protection.

Shooting bags and gun cases are another gift that will be appreciated by any avid shooter. People who do a lot of target shooting have to carry assorted gear to the shooting range every time they go.

Shooting bags are designed for this job. I think that it is a good idea to have firearms cased when being transported in a motor vehicle. In some states, it is the law at all times.

These are just a few simple ideas when it comes to exchanging gifts for the hunting, fishing and outdoor enthusiast.



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