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Complaining, whining and other hobbies

The Daily Grind

August 1, 2009
By Kimberly Short Wolfe

Standing in line at the grocery store, an average conversation strikes up between you and the total stranger standing behind you. "Times are sure tough," he says. You nod your head agreeably as he mutters something about the economy, jobless rate and the price of gas. "Another Great Depression is around the corner if you ask me," he says all the while you are glancing at the headlines on the tabloids staring at you. "Yep, times just like our parents had during the Great Depression," he says, beginning to annoy you a bit. The guy had to be in his 30s, and you knew good and well his folks probably grew up in the 1960s, not during the Great Depression. Humoring him you nod and smile, nod and smile.



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