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The curse of the one-horn buck

December 5, 2009
Jon Magee

Dawn approached as we made our way to the head of a hollow to split up and take our stands on the opening morning of buck season. My hunting partner and I paused under a large spruce at the head of the hollow to catch our breath and finalize plans for the morning. Another hollow met the one we were in and a big oak flat opened before us, even in the pre-dawn light we could tell deer had been feeding on the flat recently.

Just as we were about to go our separate ways we heard rustling in the leaves on the far side of the flat and saw movement, it was a lone deer coming our way. It dropped out of sight into a small ravine and we moved behind the spruce tree to conceal our presence when the deer came out of the ravine. The deer reappeared fifty yards in front of us, we could immediately see antlers or more correctly one antler, a single long, thick spike that curved in, and up to about 10 inches, we jokingly referred to it as the uni-buck.

It was barely 7 a.m. and bright enough to shoot, however with optimism running high we both decided to pass on the small buck. The small one horn buck came to within fifteen yards of us before realizing danger lurked. He paused, looked at us for several seconds and bolted up the hill. We took this as a good sign, after all, it was barely light and we already had a buck, albeit a small one, almost run right over top of us. However, I'm now convinced that I made a huge mistake passing on that small, one horned buck.

As it turns out the uni-buck is evil and it jinxed or put a curse on me that prevents me from seeing male deer. Since that brief encounter on opening morning, I have not seen a single buck anywhere. I am not just talking about hunting, I have not seen a buck during the day or night, in the fields, or along the roads driving, or anywhere else, not even the small spike that lives near my house that I have seen every day for the last two months, nothing. I think that small one horned buck put a curse on me that I'm just not going to have a chance at a buck this year. I don't know how he did it or why, but it is the only logical reason I can come up with for this lack of buck sightings. I see plenty of deer, but every one has been a doe. I can't really complain, at least I'm seeing deer and that keeps it exciting. But I'd like to think that of the thirty plus deer I've seen hunting, one of them would have horns.

I thought maybe it was just me and I was having a run of bad luck, but then I spoke with my friend from that fateful day and he too has been afflicted with the same curse, plenty of deer but no bucks. So you see it isn't just me, it has to be that strange 1-point buck. Come to think of it, he's the one that came to us, he pretended he didn't see us in order to come closer to administer his curse. We thought we were concealed and hiding from him but he knew where we were. He just acted all surprised when he happened to walk right in front of us, but it was just a ruse to get close enough to give us the evil eye.

I write this as a word of warning to hunters out there that may encounter the uni-buck, beware the curse that he carries. If you happen to see him run, hide or just please take him out. He is ruthless, he does not care that your family wants some venison. All he cares about is making sure you have the curse and that you harm no bucks. So save yourself, don't let him jinx you, take the shot, there is no telling how long this curse will last but I hope if someone takes him out it will relieve others with the curse and me, who have come across the uni-buck.



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