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Reynolds seeks House seat in 39th District

March 15, 2010
The Inter-Mountain

Jerry Reynolds, a Republican, has announced his candidacy for the West Virginia House of Delegates, representing the 39th District.

Reynolds believes that a fresh perspective is needed to address the lack of oversight that may have contributed to the trouble the state now finds itself in.

"We find little has changed in the past decade. West Virginia is still near last place among the 50 states economically, and high taxes have caused jobs to flee the state," he said. "Increasing taxes on an already struggling work force, no matter how lofty the goal, is not a 'conservative principle.' While it is true most conservatives are Republican, it is not true that all Republicans are conservative."

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Reynolds serves on the board of the James W. Curry Library, is a member of the Buckhannon Lions Club, National Rifle Association, West Virginia Farm Bureau, Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association and the National Association of Realtors.

"I believe politics is about the battle of ideas and choices. Instead of more of the same 'politics as usual,' the message that came out of all the 'tea parties' that I attended last year was a desire to return to the conservative principles of tax cuts, limited government and personal responsibility," Reynolds said.

The candidate said the most urgent issues facing Upshur County residents at this time are jobs.

"Since the stimulus, West Virginia has lost over 10,300 jobs and unemployment is approaching 10 percent. Jobs are not only critical but necessary to the economic future of Upshur County. West Virginia has a tax code that is not only punitive to those who achieve the 'American Dream' but hostile to the success and profitability of every business," he said. "I believe it's the duty of government to provide an economic environment that not only helps existing business succeed, but encourages new business to locate in Upshur County."

Reynolds said West Virginia families understand they can no more "spend their way to prosperity" than can the government "create jobs."

"We also understand that government has an obligation to the taxpayers of the state to provide certain services with the tax revenue they collect from taxpayers.

However, government has no obligation under the constitution to "create jobs" nor can they," Reynolds said. "This is the purview of the private sector. We operate in a 'dynamic economy' which expands and grows as business expands and grows. Government then has the obligation to remove onerous restrictions, regulations and burdensome taxes and let the private sector do what they do best - create jobs. Tax reform must be a priority in restoring jobs to Upshur County."

Reynolds understands that West Virginia is rich in natural resources.

"Coal, timber, gas and oil could give West Virginia an edge on energy independence but these resources are under constant attack from environmentalists, which want to put our fossil fuel industries out of business," he said. "Our electricity is generated primarily from fossil fuels, coal and gas. Sadly, even some representatives in our government, charged with the protection of these very industries, are starting to 'moderate' their tone and their support of these vital, abundant resources. ... To turn from them now, without a viable alternative, would not only be foolish, but reckless. These industries are weary of doing business in the hostile atmosphere created by environmentalists, an overzealous regulatory agency and a burdensome tax policy. They not only deserve our support, but common sense demands they be made a priority in our future energy plans."

For more information about Reynolds' campaign, visit the Web site



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