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Barbour County Commission candidates respond to questionnaires

May 8, 2010
The Inter-Mountain

Editor's note: The Inter-Mountain posed the following question to Steve Sinsel, Roger L. Jones and Jedd Schola, all Democratic Party candidates for the Barbour County Commission: What is your plan to stimulate the economy in Barbour?County?

Ken Mouser of Philippi, also a Democratic Party candidate for the County Commission, could not be contacted to respond to the questionnaire.

Name: Steve Sinsel

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Address: Route 1 Box 48-G, Philippi

Office and political party: Barbour County Commission, Democrat; incumbent

Employment: Currently employed at Lowe's in Clarksburg; formerly employed in the mining and construction industries.

Family: Married to Carol; two daughters, Stephanie and Bronlyn.

Statement of campaign platform: "I will continue to work every day to make Barbour County a better place to live and raise a family. I will not make promises that I cannot keep just to get your vote. However, I will promise to you that I will be honest, fair and will always tell you the truth."

What is your plan to stimulate the economy of Barbour County?

"I will continue to support our local development authority which works with our existing businesses and works to recruit new businesses in our county. I will also keep the working relationship with our state and national representatives, along with our state development authority. Recently, our local development authority recruited a metal manufacturing firm into the Belington Industrial Park, which has provided some additional local jobs. Also in the near future, AES will start construction on the windmill project, which, according to AES, will provide over 200 jobs during construction and nine full-time jobs when complete."

Name: Jedd Schola

Address: 202 Tygart Drive, Philippi

Office and political party: Barbour County Commission, Democrat

Employment: Employed at Builders Center in Philippi

Family: Married to Catherine; one son.

Statement of campaign platform: "I am running for the office of County Commission because I want to see and make changes in our county. I feel Barbour County as a whole has some of the most educated and dedicated citizens I have ever came in contact with. I feel with hard work, determination and the involvement from every community, we can make the necessary changes to see Barbour County grow and prosper in the same ways that every surrounding county has. I can only make one promise to the citizens of Barbour County and that promise is to work equally hard for everyone to make Barbour County a better place to live."

What is your plan to stimulate the economy of Barbour County?

"Some of my plans to stimulate the economy in Barbour?County:?If elected, one of my goals is to see our fairgrounds utilized in the ways it should be. I?feel with a few minor changes to the stage and some comfortable seats along with all of the lawn seating, there is no reason that high-profile entertainers would not be interested in concerts throughout the summer months. Another area to focus on is our industrial parks for new business and economic development. I also feel with the millions of dollars that the Philippi airport has received and the lengthened runway to land larger planes, I see no reason why a small air show could not be held there every year. The airport is another valuable resource for economic development that can and will be used if I am elected."

Name: Roger L. Jones

Address: 110 Cole St., Philippi

Office and political party: Barbour County Commission, Democrat

Employment: Retired Washington, D.C., police officer

Family: Married to Shannon; three sons.

Statement of campaign platform: "I was commissioner of Barbour County for six years. During that time, I worked closely with the three PSDs, getting water from the Audra Park area to the city limits of Belington, and in the areas of Talbott Road and Galloway. I worked with city, county, state and federal officials on many projects, with the goal of attracting new businesses. I was and, if elected again, will be a 24/7 commissioner for all citizens of Barbour County. Being use to working long hours as a Washington, D.C., police officer, if elected, I intend to spend as much time at the courthouse as possible. I have attended multiple meetings in Charleston and have good working relationships with both state and county elected officials and their employees. I will work for you, the citizens. I need your response. If you have a problem, tell me. If I don't have the answer, I will work to get it for you. This is my promise."

What is your plan to stimulate the economy of Barbour County?

"First, my plan to stimulate the economy in Barbour County is to build upon what we currently have in our county. I want to make sure our local vendors are paid as soon as possible. I want all emergency service workers, including those who work on our ambulances and with our fire departments, our 911 dispatchers and our sheriff to be proud to work in Barbour County. Our children need a library to visit after school. With the cuts I see in the budget and after talking with Ms. Larry of the Philippi library and Mrs. Smith of the Belington library, reduced hours and employee layoffs seem to be inevitable. Why? Our county animal shelter needs a complete overhaul. I want to inquire about the Philippi-Barbour airport. Why can't it be used to raise revenue? Who is allowed on the grounds? For what is their newly acquired $1.74 million to be used? Let's use our fairgrounds for more family recreation. There used to be plays and concerts there. Can we bring those activities back? I think so. Barbour County has existing infrastructure for just about anything. I will work for you."



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