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Randolph Relay for Life announces fundraising totals

September 4, 2010
By Wayne Sheets, Contributing Business Writer

Last week I noted in this column that Randolph County Relay for Life raised a total of $110,722.73 during its 2010 fundraising efforts. To raise that money took a lot of effort from everyone involved with the organization including individual and team efforts.

The top fundraising team was Armstrong, which brought in $19,250.42. Wal-Mart's Trotters came in second with a total of $16,875.00 and the DMH Chatters was third raising $10,095.72. The Allegheny Allnighters were fourth with $8,376.53 and fifth was the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church raising $7,405.95

The top five individual winners were, in descending order, Joyce Shaffer, $3,631.20; Carris Griffith, $3,136; Christy Wilson, $2,473.70; Sue Sheets, working with West Virginia Division of Highways District 8, $2,151.80; and Deidre White, $2,067.22. Thirteen individuals raised more than $1,000 each.

The 2010 Relay for Life of Randolph County committee members extend a hearty thanks to each and everyone who helped make the fundraiser the success it was. The organization's website is

I'd like to add that, according to the Relay for Life newsletter from which I extracted the above information and Dr. Donald R. Fleming, hematologist and medical oncologist, the Davis Memorial Hospital's Cancer Care Center is one of only 59 sites worldwide selected to participate in a new lung cancer vaccine trial.

According to the announcement, patients with non-small cell lung cancer, which makes up approximately 85 percent of the lung cancer cases nationwide, now have the opportunity to participate in the trials of Lucanix, a genetically engineered cancer vaccine that is currently in the final stages of clinical trails.

Patients are not responsible for costs related directly to the trial including the medications. Eligibility requirements should be discussed with a clinical professional. For more information, call 304-637-3640.


The Randolph County Ministerial Association is hosting a 24-hour prayer vigil in Elkins City Park on Friday and Sept. 11. They are looking for churches to take one-hour time slots. For information and to schedule a time period, call Sue Farrar at 304-637-2331.


Folks who oversee the Farmer's Market are looking for ways of getting our senior citizens and those who don't get around too well to the market. A few suggestions were made at a recent merchant's meeting but nothing was chiseled in stone. If you have an idea, a great place to air it would be at the merchant's meetings. They are scheduled every other Tuesday. The next one is next Sept. 7 at Ceramics with Class. They begin at 8:30 a.m.


Vacant buildings are starting to raise concern with the downtown merchants. Some fear they will be allowed to deteriorate to the point of becoming unsightly. They are also concerned that those who might be looking to expand their business in Elkins or start a new one will be discouraged by the vacancies ever-growing number. Ed Griesel announced at the Aug. 10 meeting that the McManus Building is back on the market. Apparently a prospective buyer backed out of the deal.


The 2010 West Virginia Governor's Conference on Tourism, set for Sept. 20-22 in Morgantown, will feature a presentation by the Boy Scouts of America on the new national scouting reserve under construction in Fayette County.

The Boy Scouts presentation will take place during lunch, from noon to 1:30 p.m. on Sept. 21, in the Morgantown Event Center Exhibit Hall A at the Waterfront Place Hotel.

"The Summit: Bechtel Family National Scouting Reserve" will be a 10,000-acre adventure destination for scouts as well as the permanent home for the National Scout Jamboree when it opens in 2013. The selection of the New River Gorge as the site for the new facility followed an intensive review of proposals from more than 28 states. The S.D. Bechtel Jr. Foundation provided $50 million in funding for the Glen Jean site, which sits adjacent to more than 70,000 acres of National Park Service land.

Cost to attend "Looking in the Crystal Ball: The 2010 Governor's Conference on Tourism" conference is $200; awards luncheon only is $25.

For additional information, call Jane Bostic at the West Virginia Division of Tourism at 304-558-2200.


In case you missed it in other announcements, the city of Elkins has established a Drinking Water Bulletin Board - 304-637-3582. Residents may call this 24-hour number and obtain information regarding the condition of their drinking water following waterline breaks and other emergencies.


The banks in Elkins now have their supply of $2 bills for the "It's $2 Good" promotion program which kicks off on Tuesday. The purpose of the $2 bill campaign is to increase awareness that money spent locally stays local. Local spending increases our county's tax base, having a multiplier effect on city and county services. Local spending creates additional jobs, revenue and value to our communities by recirculating money within the community.

The Elkins-Randolph County Chamber of Commerce is encouraging all businesses to participate in the program. This will help merchants and citizens alike to visibly see how money flows through the local economy. Banks had stocked their vaults with the $2 bills and will continue to stock them through Oct. 8.

For more information, call the ERCCC at 304-636-2717 or by e-mail at


My face is red - very red. Last week I accepted and included in this column, without verification, some information that was sent to me by e-mail regarding how long it would be before August has three Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays in it again. I boldly, and incorrectly, stated that it would be 823 years before this happens again. Well, I couldn't have been more wrong.

After reading that gross misstatement, Tom Wamsley, the math teacher at Tygarts Valley High School, e-mailed me and set me straight. He and Woody Higginbotham, Tom's newly retired "math nerd" friend (Tom's words) from TVHS, with the help of the World Almanac, discovered that the most recent past event of this kind occurred in 1999 and will happen again in 2021, 2027, 2038, 2049, 2055, 2066 and 2077 and will continue in five-, six- and 11-year cycles. He pointed out some other interesting facts that I don't have room to print here but if you're interested, grab a copy of the World Almanac and check it out.

It wasn't that I didn't trust the information that Tom and Woody sent me but this time I checked it out for my self. A lot of us (I hope I'm among them) will be around for the next few occurrences of this not so unusual event after all. Thanks Tom and Woody for catching this intolerable bit of misinformation and letting me know about it.


According to Ed Griesel, president of the Downtown Merchants Association, attendance at both the American Mountain Theater and on the excursion trains is up considerably while bus traffic from out of town is down. This, according to Griesel, shows that there are more family groups visiting who have more time to "wander through the downtown stores." Griesel is looking for reports from merchants in hopes of establishing whether or not merchants are seeing more customers from out of town on short family vacations.


Renee Heckel, executive director of the MSFF, asked at the Downtown Merchants meeting on Aug. 24 that those who have seats for sale for the festival's Grand Feature Parade on Oct. 9 to give her a call at the festival office - 304-636-1824.

Heckel said that they get "tons of calls" requesting information about who has chairs and their location. She would like to have the name of the individual responsible for selling the seats, their location and a contact telephone number.



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