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Drivers be more wary

July 16, 2011
The Inter-Mountain


To address the writer's "case in point" concerning Wilson Lane and wheelchairs in the letter to the editor published on July 9, I'd like to suggest he have a little more compassion for the disabled people of the Elkins area.

Yes, there are many wheelchair-bound people and elderly walkers that use parts of Wilson Lane to get to and from their local residences and the shopping center. Others continue into town for many reasons, none of which are anyone's business but their own.

Since most of Wilson Lane is outside of the Elkins city limits, the writer's suggestion that the police department "step in and formulate some rule and regulation" is working on a false premise.

As a resident of Wilson Lane, I can tell you if we were in the city limits, I would be bombarding the police department daily with requests for their service - but it would not be to regulate the elderly and disabled. For heaven's sake - don't you think we have enough rules and regulations?

My requests would be for them to observe the drivers that run sometimes over 60 mph up and down Wilson Lane's 25 mph residential limit and demand they ticket them. I would request they watch for and ticket those that almost hit the elders and disabled because they're too distracted with their cell calls. I would insist they ticket those drivers recklessly not paying attention as they sling their cigarettes, Mountain Dew cans, McDonald's and Wendy's trash into the residents' yards.

If you, and the rest of the people who complain about driving situations on Wilson Lane, really want to help, slow down. Get off your phones and pay attention, knowing there are elders walking and people in wheelchairs in the locale. I would also suggest you stop blowing your horn at the wheelchair-bound. That's simply rude.

Complain to the county commissioners that the road needs widened and maintained better. While you're at it, tell them the storm water drainage is totally inadequate. Complain in a letter to your legislator. Suggest opening an alternate road the call center workers and Frontier can use to get their traffic off Wilson Lane. Suggest some other meaningful methods to alleviate the problem without more "nanny" rules and regulations against your elders simply for your convenience.

And remember - one little accident and you could easily become one of those wheelchair riders yourself.

John Wilcox




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