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The county’s windfall

August 6, 2011
The Inter-Mountain


In the June 22, issue of The Inter-Mountain newspaper, I read that our County Commission has made the decision to launch a county-wide website. That's great, and my question would be is how is that going to help our unemployment rate? Or finding jobs of our recently graduated high school students that are not going on to college?

Now if there is a company looking to come to Randolph County, they can get on this website and see just what we don't have. We don't have the school system that they would be used to and we don't have the services they are used to and most of all we don't have the infrastructure that they have been used to where they are currently living.

Now the website can tell them how much money were are going to be getting from the wind farm placed in the county coffers but the commission has not decided how to spend the money they will be receiving. Yes, they could pay off the annual 911 bill for everyone in the county, which would show concern for the citizens that put them in office. Or they could direct the funds be spent on reducing everyone's electric bill with the funds they will be receiving. Either of these would be a good way to spend this "wind fall" but then that would show they had concerns for the county.

Remember, this would not be talked about if the permits or the land contract for leases could not have been obtained. That is why I feel that these funds need to be spent on the citizens of Randolph County and not some pet project they have cooked up. The two that I have already mentioned could be done with one being done as soon as the county receives the funds from the wind farm project and the other could be taken care of the following year. Or they could just pay the 911 fees every year with the funds and use the surplus for their pet projects if there is any.

The only people that are benefiting from this project are the landowners that have leased the tracks of land to the company that is running the wind farm project. I don't see why we all should not be able to receive benefit from this project for the life of the project. I know I would feel better knowing that my 911 fee is being paid and that would be funds that I might be able to use elsewhere.

Mike McRae




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