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Creating what jobs?

August 6, 2011
The Inter-Mountain


The GOP constantly harps on the phrase "you can't tax the job creators." Well, where are these jobs?

If they have enjoyed the Bush tax cuts for the last 10 years, then we should be swimming in jobs in this country. More recently they got those same tax cuts extended, claiming that it would hurt our economic recovery; but they have not created one single job, they have actually continued to send American jobs overseas. If you do even the smallest amount of research into what is going on in American business today you will find that every company you look at is either hoarding cash or cutting its American workforce in favor of hiring overseas for $2 an hour and throwing the Americans out with the trash.

HP cut 17,000 U.S. jobs, and if you buy a HP product, it says "made in China" on the box. Goldmann Sachs is firing 1,000 Americans and hiring 1,000 Taiwanese. And the list goes on and on.

Our so-called leaders in the "party of greed" are so out of touch with what the American public thinks, and wants, that they are heard to say the taxpayers don't want taxes raised under any circumstance. However, every single poll says that over 75 percent of those asked want the Bush tax cuts to end and the richest 2 percent to pay their fair share. That same 75 percent want the tax loopholes closed that allow American corporations to pay a half, or a third of the taxes that they owe, or in the case of GE and others like them, pay no tax at all.

If they pay no tax at all, then who is footing the bill? We are, the middle class and small business owners, that's who. Did you know that one single day of the "Bush tax cuts" is the same amount of money that we spend in one year on Medicare payments to our seniors? They want to take your grandma's medical coverage away from her and give that money to the rich in the form of a voucher that she would have spend with their greedy insurance monopoly.

The Party of No is trying to slow our recovery by not only holding the jobs hostage, they are actually trying to kill the economy so that it looks bad for the current administration. Why should they care about jobs for the middle class? Their ultimate goal is to ruin the economy so much that we will accept $2 per hour for jobs just so we can eat. They won a majority of the seats in the House in the mid-term election, but have not brought one single piece of job creating legislation to a vote. Instead they have spent the time trying to pass "right wing social engineering" bills on everything but economic recovery.

It is a dirty shame that these greedy, money grubbing, corporations and politicians are trying to hide their agenda to turn this country into a third world labor pool for the rich, behind the conservative movement that wants responsible, common sense government. It is time to throw out every single politician that takes money or marching orders from the anti-American Koch brothers. It is also very important to support any and all forms of organized labor, because they are the only safety net between you and unsafe and unfair working conditions.

James F. Gilbert




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