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MSFF?motorcycle, ATV results released

August 13, 2011
By Beth Christian Broschart Staff Writer , The Inter-Mountain

Racers took on a heightened challenge with a brand new track on Middle Mountain for the Mountain State Forest Festival ATV/motorcycle races on Aug. 6.

Results for the races released Friday are as follows:

Quad B-open 16-plus: First place, Billy Hartman; second, J.D. Brown; third, Michael Cunningham; fourth, Matt Auvil; fifth, Todd Bunnell; sixth, Joey Neville; seventh, Josh Mullenex.

Quad C-open 16-22: First place, Wes Adams; second, Bryant Martin; third, Seth Taylor; fourth, Justin Carr; fifth, Zac Wolford; sixth, Jake Fabrizio; seventh, Brett Fike; eighth, Joshua Simpson; ninth, Ryan Matlick; 10th, Wyatt Streets; 11th, Tyler Foster; 12th, Tommy Lyons; 13th, Eric Griffith; 14th, Curtis Barnes; 15th, Scott Lepka, Jr.

Four-stroke open bike: First place, Tyler Whitacre; second, Derek Paugh; third, Mike Ends; fourth, Adam Nester; and fifth, Nathan Durr.

B-open 16-plus bike: First place, Anthony Stone; second, Jacob Smith; third, Sterling Daniels; fourth, Corey Sprouse; fifth, Kyle Kisamore; sixth, Garry Whitacre; seventh, Cody Johnson; eighth, J.D. Hebb; ninth, Taylor Cook; 10th, Richie Cook.

C-open 16-23 bike: First place, Denver Dishong; second, Brandon Weipkey; third, Josh Hebb; fourth, Andrew Roy; fifth, Mike Weaver; sixth, Benjamin Wiseman; and seventh, Ethan Pratt.

C-open 24-29 bike: First place Timothy Sanders; and second, R.D. Walters.

Pro-A 16-plus bike: First place, Zach Nolan; second, Ryan Echols; third, Steward Baylor; fourth, Brandon Higgins; fifth, Layne Michael; sixth, Paddy Holloway; seventh, Josh Miller; eighth, Stephen Phares; ninth, Derek Klotter; and 10th, Tyler Cosner.

Pro AM B bike: First place, Dillon Shoemaker; second, Ron Myers; third, Patrick Mueller; fourth, Brandon Washington; fifth, Chris Cooper; sixth, Scott Webley; seventh, Eddie Ray Collins; eighth, Jarrett Dudley; and ninth, Kolten Hawk.

School boy 14-17 bike: First place, Trevor Murphy; second, Timothy Isner; third, Brandon Boyers; fourth, Brook Cosner; fifth, Marty Dodson; sixth, Brendon Poling; seventh, Nicolas Fiorini; eighth, Duane Vetter; ninth, Damion Rucker; tenth, Nate Harsh.

Senior 45-plus bike: First place, Roy Johnson; second, Dale Shaffer; third, Stephen Thaxton; fourth, Buddy Boyers; fifth, James Dice; sixth, Billy Knotts; and seventh, William Osburn.

Vet C-open 30-plus bike: First place, Scott Lepka; and second, Gary Rush.

Vet B-open 30-plus bike: First place, Todd Raines; and second, Doug Wolford.

Quad C-open 23-29: First place, Travis Mullenax; second, Jonathan Taylor; third, Matthew Conrad; fourth, Hex Nutter; fifth, Jason Wells; and sixth, Joel Leach.

Quad Vet B 30-plus: First place, Scott Workman

Quad Vet C 30-plus: First place, Peter Dandrea, Jr.; second, Lynn Yocum; third, Matt Jenkins; and fourth, Chip Colliflower.

Quad pro A-open: First place, Gabe Phillips; second, Michael Lancaster; third, Canan Summerfield; fourth, Kyle Riley; fifth, Dave Naylor; sixth, Jordan Kimble; seventh, Jared Little; eighth, Cody Wolford; ninth, Eric Hoyland; 10th, David Whitacre; and 11th, Ryan Ratliff.

Quad pro AM B: First place, Cody Miller; second, Jason Wofle; third, Logan Waugaman; fourth, Daniel Ramsey; fifth, Brian Reel; sixth, Scotty Shillingburg; seventh, Clifton Ware; eighth, Garrett Skidmore; ninth, Anthony Tingler; and 10th, Charles Wilson.

Quad school boy 14-17: First place, Tristan Huffman; second, Nathan Dandrea; third, Dylon Yocum; fourth, Cody Coontz; fifth, William Colliflower; sixth, Michael Mussi; seventh, Hunter Barnes; and eighth, Alex Nelson.

Junior youth bike: First place, Randall Ervin; second, Luke Ross; and third, Travis Miller.

Four-stroke youth bike: First place, Jonathan Setter; second, William Johnson; and third, Cory Phillips.

Super youth bike: First place, Cody Pingley; second, Jacob Fawley; and third, Brandon Bolinger.

Intermediate youth bike: First place, Dustin Conrad; second, Brendon Poling; and third, Nick Fiorini.

Super youth quad: First place, Brandon Barnes; second, Eric McCrum; and third, Dale Hinchman.

Intermediate youth quad: First place, Seth Wilson; second, Carter Kerens; and third, Clayton Huffman.

Junior youth quad: First place, Nathan Dearborn; second, Cody Eagle; and third, Alexia Eagle.

Youth 50 CC quad: First place, Kira Raines; second, Stanley Johnson; and third, Isaac Mullenax.

Youth 65 CC quad: First place, Jake Ross; second, Ryan Bishop; and third, Brian Arnold.

Youth 50 CC 4-stroke 5-8: First place, Bryson Shillingburg; second, Coy Teter; and third, Stanley Johnson.

Youth 50 CC 2 Stroke 5-8: First place, Titan Trimpey; second, Stephen Felton, Jr.; and third, Ezra Prine.



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