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Doctor’s clinic is expanding

September 30, 2011
Dr. Elmo , The Inter-Mountain

After hitting just 5 of 9 picks last week, all of which came about by me not keeping focused on clinical work. That's because I was in the midst of a most pleasant surprise when my older brother, who I haven't seen for a long time, paid me a visit and informed me that he wanted to work at the clinic.

My older brother, whose name is Almo, is an attorney and was working for the so-called mob in Chicago. He was in a numbers racket until the state lottery commission closed in on the firm. He then decided that it would be best if he came home to get away from the illegal job in Chicago.

For many years Almo was known as "The Wizard of Odds," and he like myself, also predicted football games. However he dealt strictly on the college level.

This got me to thinking that with Almo picking college games and me on the high school field, we could have a partnership like no other, and who knows, maybe we might become known as "The Gold Dust Twins."

I only foresee one small problem, that being, since Elmo is my name and his is Almo, this just might be too confusing. So for the time being, I will continue to be Doctor Elmo and Almo will be The Wizard of Odds, or just plain Wizard for short.

Enough about all this family talk, its time to begin with the E.S.P.N. picks, which stands for "Elmo's Scholastic Picks Now."

Elkins (4-1) at Bridgeport (5-0) - The Tigers are riding high and mighty, and they believe there's a shot at knocking off the kingpins of the Big 10. I would like to see Elkins do it, but I'm afraid that all good things must come to an end. Bridgeport by 10.

Lewis County (2-3) at Buckhannon-Upshur (0-5) - Could anything get any worse for the Bucs than having to take a short trip to Weston and tangle with rival Lewis County? I'm here to tell you that in games with rivals such as these, anything can happen, including upsets. But sorry to tell the Bucs, that there will be no upset here, Lewis County by 17 points.

Tygarts Valley (0-4) at Gilmer County (0-5) - It's a sure bet that one of these teams will get win No.1 on the season. I'm taking the Bulldogs to come home with a 14-point victory, Mill Creek deserves it.

Tucker County (2-2) at Southern (1-3) - The home standing Rams won their first game of the season last week and are hoping for two straight. Tucker has a two-game streak, but that's not in wins but losses. I really do see the worm turning on this one as the Mountain Lions come home with an 8-point win.

East Hardy (1-3) at Pendleton?County (4-0) - After watching the onslaught that the Cougars posted on Tygarts Valley last week by scoring 72 points, I see a need for the SSAC to invoke a "Mercy Rule" in high school football in order to put an end to running up scores. Remember, the losing team is just like the winning team, in that they are just young men. There is no reason, what so ever, for embarrassing any of them. As for this week's score, I see Pendleton going into hostile country and suffering a 14-point loss to East Hardy.

Moorefield (4-1) at Berkeley Springs (2-3) - I'll just bet the Yellow Jacket coaches are wondering what happened. After beating a good team by 35 points two weeks ago, Moorefield took a good old-fashion by 52 points last week. Hey, no one said it was going to be easy, but cheer up MHS?fans, your team will win by 24 .

Petersburg (1-3) at Philip Barbour (0-4) - The Vikings and the Colts going at it in Philippi and since this is where its being played, I see the Colts winning by 12.

Pocahontas County (3-2) at Bath County - I would like to go to this game but I don't have the slightest idea where Bath County (Va.) is. Regardless, the 8-Ball sees Pocahontas winning it by 6.

Bowling Green (3-1) at West Virginia (3-1) - I hope the Mountaineers have their wounds cleaned up, but regardless, this will be the first college game chosen by the Wizard of Odds. The Wiz says WVU?better not take this Mid-American team lightly, and he said if the Mounties did their home work, they should win this one by 17. I don't think it will be that close, but it's the Wizards' choice and what do I know?

Now a Few Words From Ask Dr. Elmo. A lady from Mill Creek asked. Dr. Elmo how long do you expect to live? The doctor replied:?I plan to live forever, so far, so good.

A Hambleton resident asked. Doctor will I know what life is all about when I am married? The doctor answered: After you're married you will, but then it'll be too late.

A Buckhannon lady inquired. Doctor are you as paranoid as some say you are? The doctor replied: Yes I am. In fact I no longer watch football on TV, because when the teams huddle, I alway think they are talking about me.

Well, that's a rap. I'll be talking to you next Friday.



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