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Who really creates jobs?

October 8, 2011
The Inter-Mountain


I really wish they would stop calling them the "job creators." From the do nothing congressmen and senators in the party of no, Cantor, Boehner and McConnell, to the Republican Governors Committee that is flooding the television airwaves with misleading and blatantly false political ads, they continue to call the mega rich, money worshipping, corporations and those who have outsourced over 5 million U.S. jobs "jobs creators."

Remember, these are the same folks who spend more money on lobbyists to buy lawmakers' votes than they do on federal income taxes. Some major U.S. companies like GE, Verizon, Prudential and others not only pay no taxes, but actually get refunds in the hundreds of millions of dollars. It seems to me that if they just paid their taxes in the first place it would actually save them money and be good for America.

This leads me to believe they have more hatred for their home country than anything. Why else would you spend millions on tax lawyers and lobbyists to avoid paying a few hundred thousand in taxes?

How can they call them "job creators" when the only jobs they have created are in Southeast Asia? When will they tell us the truth? That being the only way they will ever bring those 5 million jobs back to America is when the American workers agree to work for 40 cents an hour without benefits or safety inspections like they do in China and India?

Stop calling them "job creators" until they actually start creating some jobs, and when they actually do start, then, and only then, should they get tax breaks and preferential treatment. Mr. Boehner, where are the jobs? You have 95 structurally deficient bridges in your home district alone, just like the one that collapsed in Minnesota. Will you put us to work fixing them, or will you try to stop anyone who does until they start to fall down around your ears?

James F. Gilbert




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