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Were recent quakes a result of fracking?

October 15, 2011
The Inter-Mountain


Just for the fun of it, and to put my mind at ease, I would love to see a map of the recent earthquakes overlayed with a map of the recent "fracking" operations. It just seems funny that right after they start fracturing underground rock structures in shale deposits, that, as anyone who knows anything about geology knows, are very slick, almost soapy rock deposits, to release the natural gas that is trapped inside them, that we have an earthquake in the very same area in which the "fracking" is taking place.

If it has nothing to do with causing the earthquake, fine, but what about the so-called "self-contained" well casings that had to be damaged by the earthquake? What about the groundwater that could potentially be contaminated when these well casing are damaged or destroyed by the very ground they are going through being shaken violently or even ripped apart? That cant be good for the safety of the operation, or the integrity of the wells, can it?

James F. Gilbert




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