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Speaking for the trees

December 17, 2011
The Inter-Mountain


Your paper has been critical of the Environmental Protection Agency "overreaching" its authority. You are parroting the complaints of those who would pollute, claiming we can reduce the cost of production and government. You should, in fairness, note the EPA's role in cleaning up our environment, our water and air.

I can remember when soot was so bad your handkerchiefs had black splotches on it after blowing your nose, and our snow turned quickly gray. In modern cities that still have a problem, their citizens wear masks. Thank goodness, and the EPA, we don't have to even though West Virginia has one of the highest asthma rates in the nation.

The EPA reported, in 2010 alone, reductions in particle matter and ozone pollution prevented 160,000 cases of premature mortality; 130,000 heart attacks; 13 million lost work days; and 1.7 asthma attacks. By 2020, the annual improvement will prevent 230,000 cases of premature maturity; 200,000 heart attacks; 17 million lost work days; and 2.4 million asthma attacks. The direct benefits from the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments should total almost $2 trillion for the year 2020. That is for the single year.

The needed actions of the U.S. EPA have proven to be far reaching, far-sighted and needed. Environmental Protection Agency has the support of citizens in the costly business of protecting our environment.

Don Casper




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