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Suggestion of how to save our economy

December 31, 2011
The Inter-Mountain


The simple solution to saving our country is by placing a tariff or tax on all products entering our country.

Any goods imported from countries that do not pay their workers a fair wage should have a tariff placed on them.

We, by purchasing these products, are supporting governments that abuse their workforce. Anyone who says differently is either stupid or making a ton of money by selling these products to the American people.

The government's response to this suggestion is to say that other countries would in turn place place tariffs on U.S. goods being exported. There is only one problem with this theory - we don't export many goods to other countries.

Companies will continue to leave our country as long as they can use cheap labor in other countries and not pay a penalty when selling back to the U.S., it's simply good business on their part. Think of the jobs and taxes that would be created if these companies could manufacture their goods cheaper in the U.S. than in other countries.

The only obstacle to this happening is that the very people making obscene profits by investing in these cheap imports are our politicians that make the laws.

Timothy Simmons




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