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The crossroads of American survival

January 21, 2012
The Inter-Mountain


Being a person not willing to vote for any liberal ideology, especially under the present administration, I must say if the choice would be between Obama and Ron Paul, I would swallow hard and either not vote or go for the worst of the two choices. Even a Mitt Romney, who supports not overturning "don't ask, don't tell" and comes from a liberal northeastern state, is not the best choice.

You would think we could do better as a nation. Surely we could have someone who could take back with a level of common sense our basic values by which this country was birthed.

We are at a crossroads for American survival.

This election may very well determine if we will ever recover and return to the nation we once were based on a moral code which encourages conduct that would restore pride and patriotism to our land. But before that can become reality, we must have leaders who desire a return to conservative values and conduct befitting such a nation and one which is governed by our founding documents with proper interpretation at the helm.

If we continue on this liberal path where man thinks he knows better than God, we can expect things to continue in a downward spiral, where our enemies will be allowed to harass us and challenge our standards to which so many have given their full measure to defend.

David R. Martin




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